Parties: I LOVE Martha's Pom Poms!

Does that sound weird? Martha just added some new color schemes out for her pom poms! I am a big fan of these for parties! They are inexpensive and make a great impact. The new set above would go great with my Lollipop Collections! I bought a pink set for Kate's Lollipop party, and they were super easy and super cute! I left them hanging in my family room for days (if not weeks) because I loved them so much (or I'm just lazy)! We also used them in the Garden Party shoot for Go Gilbert magazine....which should be hitting the stands soon! (Can't wait to see how everything turned out!)

I also came across an Etsy seller, PomLove who also sells these wonderful poms in all sorts of colors! Check out her shop HERE!

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  1. brides and babes 05/12/2009

    I am a huge pom fan as well! They are one of my favorite items!

  2. A little bit of our history - 05/12/2009

    Love the pom poms!! They are pretty easy to make yourself as well. I am sure you could do it. However we have the pink martha ones in my little miss olivia's nursery that was on project nursery! She loves staring up at them while in her crib. They are so bright and spin just slowly here and there! Glad you featured these! She also has some cute eyelet fan banner thingys too!

  3. Jessica Woodford 05/12/2009

    I bought these pom poms a couple years ago for my second daughter's Luau birthday made it feel so sweet, fresh & fun! I highly recommend them to anyone!

  4. Suzie 05/12/2009

    Our local Wal-Mart had the pink kit on sale for $7.00 last weekend.

  5. colleen banman 05/12/2009

    yes! I loe them too! I like to make them myself so i can get them in the right colors and sizes. here are some i did a few months back for a baby shower :)


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