Confession of My Latest Obsession {Beware: This Post Isn't About Parties}

Okay, I'm going to confess....
I am lovesick obsessed teenager at heart. Not to mention my OCD, which makes obsessive behavior pretty typical for me. I was OBSESSED with New Kids on the Block during my younger days. I really need to share a photo of my room so you can understand the depth of my obsession. My mom was nice enough to let me "decorate" however I wanted, which meant a picture of Joe or Jordan plastered on every inch of my room. Even pictures pinned on my lampshade. I mean everywhere.
Last year when they made their comeback, I went right back to being obsessed.
It felt like yesterday.

During college, the movie, Titanic came out. I again felt that same OBSESSIVENESS. It just got me. I determined that I was so connected with it, that I must have died on the Titanic in my previous life (or something). I watched it seven (yes, 7) times in the theater. I waited in line (with my now, husband :) at midnight the day the VIDEO was released. One of my prized possessions is a limited edition framed piece of wood from the ship in the movie that my then-boyfriend, now husband bought me. I have books, magazines....and yes, I was obsessed with Leo. Weren't you?

{i'll never let go, jack....i'll never let go}

My friend, Shannon finally convinced me to read THE vampire book this summer. Like many, I was leery of the whole sci-fi vampire "thing". However, it's so much more than that!
I finished it in two days (my family missed me those days while I was in la-la land), and rented the movie the next day. And the day after that? Ran to the store for New Moon. At that point, I knew I had it.....the Twilight Fever and I now I know...I have it bad.

My 12-year old neighbor (yes, I'm friends with a seventh grader...) texted me the night of the New Moon Premiere, and asked if I was going. I wasn't, and I thought "why not?!" Her mom wouldn't let her go since she had school the next day, but me...the 32 year old....I should have gone! This is what obsessive teenagers/cougars do! It was too late to try to go, but I figured I could convince my hubby to take me this weekend for our date night. Well, we had a fabulous dinner and then headed to the theater. He decided New Moon just wasn't up his alley (he's probably right), and wanted to see something else.
Not me...I was going with or without him. And I did just that! :)
We went to our separate theaters....
and boy, did I enjoy my time alone with Jacob (& Edward)!
I walked out smiling to myself (a big smile), I just couldn't help it! :)

Now, I can't stop thinking about the movie (and Jacob)
....and I need to go buy Eclipse!
Please confess. (don't be afraid)
Are you with me on this or should I stop acting like a silly lovestruck teenager?


  1. Claudia 11/25/2009

    Hi Kim,

    I'm from Vancouver, Canada and I've been reading your blog ever since I discovered your lollipop invitations back in February. Fabulous!

    I'm 33 and I can totally relate to the whole NKOTB obsession! Loved them! Loved them!

    I also abandoned my family to read the Twilight series...let's just say that I took my children to one of those indoor playgrounds and we were there for almost 6 hours, so that I could finish Twilight. lol. I was HOOKED! I managed to get a couple of my book club friends hooked too and we went on a hunting expedition to scope the cast out...they've been filming here, you know!

    Anyway, I wanted to let you know about "Midnight Sun" is Twilight told from Edward's perspective....SOOO much better than Bella's sometimes whiny version....follow this link...and if you don't mind reading 264 pages off of your computer...happy reading...

  2. Julie 11/25/2009

    What took you soo long?! Twilight is amazing..I feel like I am in a Twilight daze when I take a few days out to read the books- and then I need to stop to check back with reality.
    You should have your husband watch the movie. Mine doesn't do the chick flick thing and found Twlight kinda entertaining but like New Moon- it had more 'guy' scenes!

  3. Amanda Duff 11/25/2009

    SO with ya sister. I read all four books in two weeks and now wish I would have put some space in between them so that I could feed this fire inside me!

  4. karen 11/25/2009

    hey I woulda gone, too--Marc would definitely be a no-show to that movie.

    and don't even get me started on my Backstreet Boys fetish...

    happy thanksgiving!

  5. ♥ Amy Rose Designs 11/25/2009

    Okay... I confess!

    I was not into New Kids, but all of the others I was/am too.

    I have always been fascinated by the story of Titanic and when the movie came out I was there!

    I was able to go to the travel artifacts show of the Titanic when it was in L.A.

    At the beginning of the tour they gave you a boarding pass of an actual passenger aboard the boat and when I went through the tour I was able to see a large part of the hull of the actual ship. My passport had me in a cabin on the other side of this hull. It was amazing, shocking, and memorable. I, or should I say my passenger, survived the sinking of the ship.

    The exhibit had a replica of an ice burg at the temperature of the ocean at the time, which they let touch. Within one minute of having my hand on the ice I had to release my hand it was so cold. I can't imaging their pain.

  6. Laura Smith 11/25/2009

    what a great post!! I am right there with ya!

  7. Morning T 11/25/2009

    What a fun post Kim! I haven't a clue about the New Moon rage and never really got into NKOTB but I was also obsessed with Titanic and love Leo to this day!
    Happy turkey day to you and your sweet family. :-)

  8. niki 11/25/2009

    Totally with you! I devoured these books... who doesn't love a love story? I don't mind that I'm a 28 year old acting like a 16 year old tween... these books are great!

  9. Cloe 11/25/2009

    You make me laugh! Oh I have always been on team Jacob - he always seemed funny to me reading the books and after seeing the movie and those abs... I'm not changing teams!

  10. Kim - The TomKat Studio 11/26/2009

    Okay, ladies. So, I'm not getting notified when comments come in...and was SOOO excited to just see all these comments that I'm not alone! :) I'm so ready to go see it again!...and start reading Eclipse!

  11. Laura Nipper 11/26/2009

    Love the post. I have read all 4 of the books and went with 5 girl friends to see New Moon. I even ran into one of the preschool mom's from my daughter school. We chatted while waiting in line for over an hour to see the movie. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  12. Cindy Jane 11/27/2009

    Oh my gosh, I've finally found someone that's still obsessed with Titanic (the greatest movie ever!!!). I saw it when I was still in fourth grade and even though I loved it sooo much, my parents wouldn't let me see it again because they thought some scenes were too much for a kid my age. I ended up renting it on VCD a few months after.

    I've seen Titanic so many times I no longer kept count. A few years ago there was this release of limited edition 3-DISCS Titanic DVD , which included an hour or so worth of deleted scenes never shown before. I was so excited. I just HAD to have it!! So I saved hard and since it was not release in my country, I begged my friend, who's living in the US, to buy it for me and send it over to me. He did it and I got my special Titanic DVD!!! It still is the greatest movie ever made.

    My other obsession is the FRIENDS TV Series. I love, love, love, love that soap. I've watched ever single of their episode at least three times and not once did I not laugh at their jokes. I swear, if there was a FRIENDS movie, I'll be the first in line. I am just completely obsessed by it.

    As for the Twilight saga, I'm not really a fan. But I do agree, Jacob is so hot.

  13. Heather 11/27/2009

    I read Twilight (and the others) last November because I wanted to be able to talk to my students about it. I was instantly hooked. I think I finished the series in a week.

    My new obsession that I'm way too old for is Sarah Dessen...her novels are wonderful! Of course, since I teach high school English I can use that as an excuse for reading YA Lit...but that's only an excuse!

  14. Anonymous 01/06/2010

    The books and the movies are amazing!!! i can not wait to go see eclipse in theaters!!! it comes out june 30th for those of you who don't know..... go see it!!

  15. Amy Melby 01/08/2010

    I too was INSANELY obsessed with NKOTB... I had every inch of my bedroom walls filled with posters. Even where posters met, I had tiny photos of them. I couldn't get enough.
    When Joe popped up on Dancing with the Stars I giggled like a school girl husband picked on me but I didn't care.
    The morning of August 8, 2008 my girl friend called me to tell me that NKOTB was going to be at the Mall of America (I live in the burbs of Mpls) that evening for a pre-release party.
    I got to meet them!!! And though I was a Joe McIntyre girl....I got a hug from Donnie and damn near melted into the floor!
    I missed my mother's birthday to meet them and when I called to explain she laughed and agreed that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity...just took me 20 years to get it!
    I have never laughed at myself so hard... it was SO MUCH FUN.

  16. mx2mommy 01/13/2010

    oooh, we're kindred spirits! I LOVE NKOTB! I've seen them 3x since their big comeback! Does that qualify as obsessed?!? And uh hello, you are NOT a cougar -too young for that :)

  17. Heather 01/17/2010

    Okay, I don't remember how I found your blog and I haven't checked it for a while. But so glad to find someone who shares my old and now rekindled love for NKOTB! My friends just laugh at me about it. I did get to go their concert in November '08, front row!, and got a kiss from Donnie at the meet and greet. Oh my! So glad hubby wasn't there to see me act like a 13 year old again!

  18. Heather 04/27/2011

    You and I lived parallel lives. But, to truly understand my past, we need to go back to the Rick Springfield days. I still get chills when I hear Jessie's Girl. I was part of his fan club and just adored him (never mind the inappropriate age difference). Then there was the Debbie Gibson phase. Oh yes, I even recall writing her a letter fully expecting her to respond...never happened, but I digress. Of course, there were the New Kids On the Block (pre acronym) and Jordan was my pick. Just wait for friends and I actually dressed up as members of the band, learned the choreography, and video taped tribute performances to them. By then I knew it'd gone too far. Years later as an adult, my husband shakes his head at his professional, intelligent, sane wife and her "taste" in entertainment. Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, loved it. I like the Harry Potter series far more than any grown woman should. Midnight showings, absolutely. Anything with a magical twist - I am a goner. When I saw the hype about the Twilight series on Oprah one night, bought the book and read them 'round the clock. Couldn't stop until I read them all. So, no you are not alone. In fact, I am visiting Disney World soon and don't think I won't be making a detour to Universal Studios to frolic through the Happy Potter park...

  19. Kerry 04/27/2011

    My first concert was New Kids. I had such a huge thing for Donny and Jonathan. I was also majorly obsessed with Titanic. I thought Leonardo was so hot! Haha! Anyways, I'm with you on the Twilight thing too. I feel too old (30) to like those books/movies but I don't care. I love them anyways. :)

  20. Julie M. 04/27/2011

    Hee have you read all of the books by now? How many times??? I've read through 'em and extra nod to Twilight. My best friend and her husband had a party when "Eclipse" came out in the theatre last summer (she's read them all at least 3 times). We watched the first two at their house and then went to the midnight opening of "Eclipse" at a fancy theatre where you sit in lounge chairs and are waited on by the staff. I'm pretty sure that my friend's husband was the only guy at the show. What geeky fun!

    : )

    Julie M.

  21. Rebecca 04/27/2011

    I have had all the same obsessions! I wasn't lucky enough to get to decorate my room but I had one Pillowcase of the New Kids On The Block and for years it's the only one I used. I still have it in a box in the garage. I have read the Twilight series 3 times gone to every movie. I own all of them too so when my hubby isn't home I watch in peace. I have become so teenage vampire obsessed that I have read other series too, House of Night and Vamipre academe. I think sometimes being in la la land is good for us. An escape. I think its much more healthy to take up reading and listening to music than to be addicted to gambling or alcohol. Men never grow up so why should we :*)

  22. Summer Fun + Moving {Again}! | The TomKat Studio 08/16/2011

    [...] A highlight of my summer was attending the NKOTBSB {New Kids on The Block & Backstreet Boys} concert with Laura and getting the opportunity to meet them all backstage! {Thanks Mix 96.9!} If you don’t know already, I was {am} a huge NKOTB fan. Read more here. [...]

  23. Deborah Hein 08/17/2011

    NKOTB. What can I say? My bff and I were CRAZY obsessed w/ them back in the day. My guy was Jordan (although I have to say I feel ridiculous amounts of love for Donnie now). Although I have been married for 15 years and have 3 kids, I still have a large box of memories from that time that I cannot part with (my bff has a crate). The book that you are holding in your pics in what we referred to as "dessert" (yeah, kinda sick) and it too is in the box. When they made their comeback a few years ago we went (they were in Philly on my 35th bday, destiny). Saw them again this summer. Both times amazing. All that being said, my current obsession is your blog. You are living my dream. Love throwing kids parties and coming up w/ "out of the box" themes. Coordinating everything and having it all come together. Wish I could do it for a living (responsibility sux!)Thanks for sharing all of your wisdom and new ideas and please keep 'em comin!

  24. Jamie 08/17/2011

    I'm a HUGE NKOTB fan and have been for years, too. Of course I did the NKOTB reunion tour (and this summer NKOTBSB -- LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!) but of course I was pregnant with triplets and couldn't make it to the first show near me (I was devastated to say the least. lol) but made it to the next one when my triplets were only 2 weeks old.

    I also adored Leo and was obsessed over Titanic watching it only 4 times in the theater. lol I still love me some Leo ;)

    I have not gotten into Twilight at all, but now you're making me think I need to at least consider reading the books!!

  25. Janeen Donati 08/17/2011

    speaking of NKOTB FANS...... ME TOO! And conveniently you sent this post on Donnie's b-day (AUG 17TH), LOL...not that I am a stalker!! Anyway, I went to the NKOTBSB concert at Fenway Park this year and didn't get to go backstage, but coincidentally bumped into Donnie after the show... Of course posted this on my blog... check it out!

    As always, Donnie was charming as ever...

    Enjoy the pic! Thanks, Janeen

    • Kim 08/17/2011

      Lucky you! Donnie was so friendly when we met him!! Definitely the sweetest of the bunch!


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