Confession of My Latest Obsession {Beware: This Post Isn't About Parties}

Okay, I'm going to confess....
I am lovesick obsessed teenager at heart. Not to mention my OCD, which makes obsessive behavior pretty typical for me. I was OBSESSED with New Kids on the Block during my younger days. I really need to share a photo of my room so you can understand the depth of my obsession. My mom was nice enough to let me "decorate" however I wanted, which meant a picture of Joe or Jordan plastered on every inch of my room. Even pictures pinned on my lampshade. I mean everywhere.
Last year when they made their comeback, I went right back to being obsessed.
It felt like yesterday.

During college, the movie, Titanic came out. I again felt that same OBSESSIVENESS. It just got me. I determined that I was so connected with it, that I must have died on the Titanic in my previous life (or something). I watched it seven (yes, 7) times in the theater. I waited in line (with my now, husband :) at midnight the day the VIDEO was released. One of my prized possessions is a limited edition framed piece of wood from the ship in the movie that my then-boyfriend, now husband bought me. I have books, magazines....and yes, I was obsessed with Leo. Weren't you?

{i'll never let go, jack....i'll never let go}

My friend, Shannon finally convinced me to read THE vampire book this summer. Like many, I was leery of the whole sci-fi vampire "thing". However, it's so much more than that!
I finished it in two days (my family missed me those days while I was in la-la land), and rented the movie the next day. And the day after that? Ran to the store for New Moon. At that point, I knew I had it.....the Twilight Fever and I now I know...I have it bad.

My 12-year old neighbor (yes, I'm friends with a seventh grader...) texted me the night of the New Moon Premiere, and asked if I was going. I wasn't, and I thought "why not?!" Her mom wouldn't let her go since she had school the next day, but me...the 32 year old....I should have gone! This is what obsessive teenagers/cougars do! It was too late to try to go, but I figured I could convince my hubby to take me this weekend for our date night. Well, we had a fabulous dinner and then headed to the theater. He decided New Moon just wasn't up his alley (he's probably right), and wanted to see something else.
Not me...I was going with or without him. And I did just that! :)
We went to our separate theaters....
and boy, did I enjoy my time alone with Jacob (& Edward)!
I walked out smiling to myself (a big smile), I just couldn't help it! :)

Now, I can't stop thinking about the movie (and Jacob)
....and I need to go buy Eclipse!
Please confess. (don't be afraid)
Are you with me on this or should I stop acting like a silly lovestruck teenager?


  1. Kim - The TomKat Studio


    Okay, ladies. So, I'm not getting notified when comments come in...and was SOOO excited to just see all these comments that I'm not alone! :) I'm so ready to go see it again!...and start reading Eclipse!

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