Please Welcome....Toni Chase to The TomKat Studio!

The TomKat Studio is growing again! A couple of weeks ago, I was chatting on Facebook with Toni, one of my loyal readers and customers. I ended our chat by saying I needed to start answering the 70+ Etsy conversations waiting for me. Trust me, I'm not proud of that fact, but I just can't get to everything these days! Andrea is doing an AMAZING job, handling orders and sales continue to grow month after month. This wouldn't have been possible without her. But it's time to add another member to our team!

Toni emailed me a couple days later and just wanted to toss out the idea that she was available to help if I ever decided to hire another person. Her email was SO enthuastic about The TomKat Studio (it gave me the goosebumps) and her passion was apparent for parties and all things pretty. She is stay-at-home mom to twins (12) and another daughter (11). You may remember her from the 40th NYC birthday party I featured! After her reading her email, I just had a very strong feeling that she would be perfect to help me...starting immediately! We met for coffee (she's local, too!) and voila...she's hit the ground running!

Toni LOVES New York City, Andre Agassi & hosting fabulous parties! You can learn more about her here on her blog! Toni will be handling customer inquiries, featuring your fabulous parties, coordinating giveaways and whatever else I throw her way! In the week she has been working, she has been amazing! I'm thrilled to have her on board!
Welcome to the TomKat team, Toni!


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