{Cupcake Monday} Lollipop Party Collection at Smeeks Photo Shoot!

My Lollipop Collection holds a very special place in my heart. I created the designs for my own daughter, Kate's 2nd birthday party (18 months ago) and the party is really what created a buzz about The TomKat Studio! The blog, the shop, the business....and the fun! Search the term "lollipop party" on google, and you will see Kate's party all over the first page! I have been wanting to revamp the collection just a bit and have professional photography taken of the designs! Well, my wish came true this weekend, and my products were showcased in the most fabulous locale ever, Smeeks Candy Shop! Laura Winslow, creative and talented photographer asked me to style the shoot for Classy Sassy Girls she was working on. She mentioned CANDY SHOP....and I was IN!
Stay tuned for the new LOLLIPOP collection!


  1. linnette from www.paperglitter.com 09/27/2010

    Can't wait to see more. This collection is what started it all :) LOVE :)

  2. Zepequeña 09/27/2010



  3. PartyMom 09/27/2010

    Looking forward to the new collection. I'm sure it will be stunning, as usual!

  4. The Sweet Life Studio 09/27/2010

    So fun!

  5. Brandy 09/28/2010

    is there an eta on this collection? It would be perfect for my daughter's upcoming party


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