{Party Planning} A Sweet 7th Birthday Celebration for Kate McRae!

There once was a little beautiful girl named Kate. A happy, vibrant, gorgeous, blond 5-year old with an amazing sparkle in her eyes. The moment I heard about her story, is the moment she stole my heart. I felt an instant connection to her, likely because my own beautiful little blond daughter is named Kate. Kate McRae has been through what no child should ever have to go through. She was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer in June 2009. {read her story here}

When Kate turned six last December, she was in the hospital undergoing harsh treatments. Her wonderful mom, Holly allowed me to come in and decorate her room, bring gifts and her favorite treats, powdered donuts. Many of my blogging friends and vendors sent goodies for Kate. It was a day that I will never forget. {read about my visit here}

Fast forward, it's been a over a year since that day. Kate has undergone treatment after treatment and miraculously {with the world praying for her} is cancer free. Kate started kindergarten this school year. She is still that happy, vibrant, gorgeous girl that she was before this evil disease took over her little body. Of course, she has repercussions from all of the treatments, but she is here and she is an absolute miracle.

I am honored that Holly asked me to help with Kate's upcoming 7th birthday celebration! What could be a bigger celebration that honoring your child's birthday that you never knew if she would see.

It's a big day.
I would love to ask you for your help! Whether you have a party product or service, or would like to send a gift or donate money to help with the party....I know that many of you have been touched by Kate, and would love nothing more than to help her celebrate this amazing day.

We are creating a new version of our Ice Cream Shoppe Collection for the party in neapolitan colors: pale pink, chocolate brown & white!

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