Parenting Magazine Mention + Free Printable Valentine Designs!

What a great way to wake up on a Monday morning! I was contacted a couple of months ago by an editor at Parenting Magazine to give a few ideas for a family night in for Valentine's Day. I suggested a few activities and created free printable files to go along with them! The issue will hit the stands this week!

Activities I suggested:

Scavenger Hunt :: Mom & Dad could hide clues around the house for the kids to find. The hunt could end with a fun basket of goodies, including a new movie for the family to cuddle in and watch!

Heart Hunt :: For little ones, the parents could cut out hearts from various colored papers and tape around the house. The kids will love the excitement of spotting and collection all of the hearts throughout the house! Once they reach a certain number of hearts, they win a prize! There could be a special heart (like a golden egg at Easter) that wins them a special treat if he/she finds it!

Love Notes :: Each family member could write a love letter to each of the other members of the family (in advance). They could take turns reading the love notes to each other and show their appreciation for one another.

We {Heart} Baking :: After dinner, everyone could bake up some easy treats for dessert. Cupcake decorating is always fun! Or, parents could set up an ice cream sundae bar with fun Valentine’s Day candies for toppings, all in red/white/pink!

I designed a few free printable files to go along with activity ideas!

Mini Love Notes
Heart Cutouts {in fun zebra print}
Love Notes {What I Love About You}
Love Notes {5 Things I Love About You}


Thank you for the fantastic opportunity, Parenting Magazine!
I can't wait to see the issue!

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