{Baking} Mardi Gras Cookies by Sweetopia!

Speaking of Mardi Gras, Marian from Sweetopia is sharing a fantastic tutorial for Mardi Gras cookies with us! Marian will be guest posting here once a month on The TomKat Studio! We are so lucky to have her and her amazing talent as part of our blog. You can look forward to her fabulous ideas and amazing baking tutorials! Just watch what she does with disco dust....absolutely fantastic!

From Marian:
In the mood for some Mardi Gras sweetness?

These gingerbread cookies covered in royal icing and disco dust are easy to make.

The idea is from p. 26 of Peggy Porschen's book Beautiful Cakes (A must-have book full of gorgeous ideas by the way!).

I've just tailored them to the Mardi Gras color theme and added a few different designs.

  • If you'd like to make these, you'll need a cookie recipe of your choice, such as gingerbread or sugar cookies. I used gingerbread.

  • The cookie cutter is from Coppergifts.com, although you could just use a mask template made of paper. (File folder paper works great!)


You'll also need:


How to Decorate the Cookies:

Once you've made your cookies & made and colored your royal icing, you're ready to decorate:

Step 1: Outline cookie with royal icing using a #2 piping tip.

Step 2: Fill in or flood your cookie using the same piping tip.

Step 3: Fold a small piece of parchment in half so that there's a crease in it. Open it up and lay your cookie on the parchment. Sprinkle disco dust onto the wet icing.

Step 4: Shake excess disco dust from cookie onto parchment. Lift parchment and pour extra disco dust into container. (Try and make less mess than I did! Lol. The crease helps funnel the disco dust, but it's hard to take a picture at the same time!)

Step 5: Brush disco dust off the outer edge of the cookie with a soft bristle paintbrush. (Preferably when the cookie is dry so as to not poke the wet icing with your paintbrush).

Step 6: Pipe dots (size and position your preference) using a #1 piping tip and clear piping gel.

Step 7: Using tweezers, place tiny dragées around the piping gel.

That's it!

There are so many different ways you could decorate these cookies. Have fun decorating yours and happy Mardi Gras!



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