April Fool's Day Neapolitan Ice Cream Party!

It is hard to believe that we are at the end of March. And you know what that means....it's almost April Fool's Day! And to get you in the mood for that fun, playful day, Nicole from Tradewind Tiaras has put together the most fun April Fool's Day party! You might remember Nicole from the Sugar Plum Fairy we featured last December, and she has done it again. Such creativity! Here are Nicole's words...

For several months now, the universe has been telling me to throw a Neapolitan ice cream themed party.   My daughter already had the perfect dress.  I finally figured out how to make those cookies that look just like scoops of ice cream.  I found the perfect floral containers on sale at Joann's (they look just like ice cream cones!).  TomKat created a perfect set of printables on the Neapolitan ice cream theme.  And then TopIt Cupcakes opened less than a mile from my house.

TopIt Cupcakes is a fabulous little cupcake shop run by Rachel, a Le Courdon Bleu trained pastry chef.  The entire concept is inspired by a top-it-yourself ice cream place, but with cupcakes instead.  And it's painted in Neapolitan stripes.  Ok, ok, universe, I hear you already!

So I had to throw the party, clearly.  Not that I mind an excuse to throw a party.  ;-)

I decided I wanted to throw an April Fool's Day party, where nothing was quite what it seemed, where everything would fool the eye.  Paired with the Neapolitan theme, that meant a table full of desserts that looked like ice cream...but weren't.  We served...

Maybe...Milkshakes?  (Actually miniature regular, chocolate, and strawberry milk, topped with whipped cream and a fondant cherry.)

Presumably...Ice Cream Cones? (Meringues made to look like soft serve vanilla ice cream cones--these fooled a lot of people!)

Ostensibly...Fudgesicles?   (Actually chocolates with peanut butter filling, with a light spray of Super Pearl luster dust to make them look more frosty,  nestled in a bed of fake ice to add to the realism.)

Probably...Drumsticks?  (Cake balls made to look like the classic Good Humor drumsticks.  I even made the cones from homemade krumkake.)

Presumptively...Scoops of Ice Cream?  (Bowls and cones of my sugar cookies that look like scoops of ice cream, in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, of course.)

Supposedly...Sugar Cookies?  (Ok, those were sugar cookies.  But I liked the alliteration and they looked like ice cream cones.)

For activities, I wanted to keep with the theme of everything having a twist or surprise.  We had three activities planned for our April Fool's Day celebration.

First, we decorated the aprons I made for each girl.  They looked adorable when they arrived, with their Neapolitan stripe and embellished with a large flower decorating each chair.  But as with everything at this party, there was more than you might guess at first blush.  The center flower was actually removable, and could be worn as a hair clip.

The girls decorated their aprons with ice-cream shaped felt cutouts, and added sequin sprinkles for some fun sparkle.  We set the aprons aside to let the glue dry while we went on to our next activity.

Second, we made erasers!  I've been wanting an excuse to play with the Fimo dough that, when baked, becomes an eraser.  With a group of 7 and 8 year old girls, this activity was a huge hit.  They made ice cream cones, snails, rainbows, flowers, and more, and loved every second of it.  Even my almost-two-year-old adored the activity.

Third, we did what TopIt Cupcakes does best--we decorated our own cupcakes!  We strapped on our aprons.  Then each girl chose her favorite flavor, went to the icing station, then proceeded to little kid heaven, the wall of sprinkles.  I think they had more toppings than cupcake by the end!

After that, it was just time to enjoy the dessert table and have some free play time.

Wow Nicole! You have blown us away once again! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing party with us!

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  1. Ceilidh 03/31/2011

    Wowzers...I love this idea! All of the treats look AMAZING!

  2. Kate 03/31/2011

    Amazing is an understatement! I love every detail!

  3. Kristin 03/31/2011

    This party is totally AMAZING!! LOVE every tricky detail. Excellant!!!

  4. paula @ frog prince paperie 03/31/2011

    Another incredible job, Nicole! You have such imagination and I love the care you always take in choosing magnificent children's party activities. And I'm always in awe of your baking prowess. :)

  5. Brandy 03/31/2011

    Incredible! Everything is perfectly executed! What a fun party!

  6. Tanya 03/31/2011


  7. kara 03/31/2011

    HOW did you get those cookies to look like a scoop of ice cream???

  8. Rowaida Flayhan 03/31/2011

    Amazing and so delicious, love it

  9. Jessica Downey 03/31/2011

    So creative and beautiful! I love the sugar cookies that look like ice cream scoops.

  10. Molly 03/31/2011

    Love this party! What a fun idea. Would you share your recipe for the sugar cookies that look like ice cream scoops? Those are just fantastic!!

  11. Starlit Nest Photography Props 03/31/2011

    So cute and SO creative!

  12. Jessica A Wilcox 03/31/2011

    This is so creative and cute

  13. Amy @ Amy Miller Designs 03/31/2011

    Wow!! What beautiful & cute desserts and details. Awesome job!!

  14. Mary Lozano 03/31/2011

    Wow Oh Wow! Would love a tutorial on the sugar cookie scoops of ice cream, so amazing that I had to take a double take...yep you fooled me :)

  15. Melissa 03/31/2011

    Love love love the silo. Decals!! Fun idea for use on bedroom doors ;)

  16. Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy. 03/31/2011

    Adorable party idea, love the concept! The desserts are amazing!

  17. Sarah 04/01/2011

    LOVE IT! You made the aprons? Do you sell them?

  18. katreece @ The Chocolate Addict 04/01/2011

    absolutely enchanting, love the colors and the retro flavor :)

  19. FairlyOddMother 04/01/2011

    I would also love the recipe for the ice cream scoops and meringues if you'd be so kind to share. Thanks for all of your inspiring work!

  20. Cherrish 04/01/2011

    Awesome party and love the details! To those that are interested, from Nicole's website, she says that tutorials for some of the baked goods will be coming soon...


  21. L Callahan 04/03/2011

    The Neopolitan Party was amazing. Wish she would have included recipes and more how to though

  22. Annette Carlos 04/05/2011

    what a cool party, i bet all the girls had fun! congrats on an amazing party

  23. Nicole @ Tradewind Tiaras 04/05/2011

    Thanks for all the kind words, everyone! I had so much fun with this theme! I threw the entire event together in just a few days, and was so happy that The TomKat Studio was able to accommodate my rush request so that I could use their absolutely perfect printable collection. The tutorial for how to make the sugar cookies that look like scoops of ice cream was just posted on my blog a few minutes ago.


  24. autumn 05/13/2011

    Love it! Using this theme for my daughter's 3rd birthday party! Wish I could find the flowerpots they only have blue and green at the 2 stores I checked! But found super cute bubbles that look like ice cream at Joanns! Can't wait to make all the sweet treats!


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