{Kate's 4th Birthday Party} The Barbie Cake...Then and Now!

{kim's 4th birthday ~ 1981}

When I was little, my mom made the most fabulous cakes! I always love going through her photo albums and seeing the beautiful creations she made for my brother & I's birthday parties. When my own daughter decided on a Barbie party this year, I instantly thought of the doll cake that my mom had made for my own party. Had I seen this picture again before Kate's party, I think I would have asked Melissa {Decadent Delights} to match the ruffles. Instead, I googled to find some examples of Barbie cakes and found a pretty purple one that inspired this design {source unknown}. The swirls, rhinestones and edible glitter turned out absolutely gorgeous! My mom didn't have a chance to pull out this photo until after Kate's party but when she did I was so excited that it happened to also be for my 4th birthday! It just shows how you can pull beautiful memories from the past to inspire new ones!

{kate's 4th birthday ~ 2011}

Thank you, Mom for making my beautiful cakes and beautiful memories. Love you!

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