{Free Printable} One Hundred & One Fun Summer Ideas for the Kids!

It's the end of May and school is almost over! Now it is time to make some summer plans! That can sometimes be a daunting task...trying to keep the little ones busy. But not anymore! Our lovely friend, Laura Winslow just designed this BEAUTIFUL free downloadable 8x10 print, filled to the brim with fun ideas that will last you all summer long! Enjoy!

You can get your free download here.

Thank you sweet Laura for sharing this with us!!

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  1. Kristin 05/31/2011

    Awesome! Now I just need to buy new printer ink so I can print this out... Love it!

  2. Laura 05/31/2011

    Thank you so much for sharing and for the sweet post, Toni and Kim! :) xoxo

  3. Botanical PaperWorks 05/31/2011

    Love this! I'm trying to decide if we should systematically work our way through the list or use a blindfold and suction dart to randomly select an activity! ~Heidi

  4. Kim 05/31/2011

    I posted yesterday (in a different comment thread) regarding your granite in both of your homes. Actually, I loved them both so wouldn’t mind knowing both types. Also, the flooring people are trying to steer me away from Travertine towards Porcelain Tile saying it’s not durable for kids. Since you’ve had it in both homes, any advice or comments would help us out!!

    • Rene' 05/31/2011

      1. I keep getting an error on Scribd & it won't download. :(

      2. Travertine is the worst! We literally ripped up 900 SF of 1 yr old travertine and replaced it with porcelain that looked exactly like it (we were even able to keep the travertine baseboards bc it matched so well). The travertine is more fragile (if someone drops something on it, it can & will crack) and it has to be re-sealed every year. I would NEVER get travertine again. You can get a sturdier porcelain / ceramic tile that looks just like travertine, and you will have far fewer headaches.

  5. Kim 05/31/2011

    Oops!! My post above was about your travertine NOT granite!!

    • Kim 06/01/2011

      I will have to look up the actual color/kind of travertine we had/have! It is high maintenance, but I do love the look! :)

  6. Lorell 06/01/2011

    I love this Laura, will place it in my fridge!

  7. Alia 06/01/2011


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    I really really liked your blog!

    Keep up the good work!

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  8. Jill Sumsion 06/13/2011

    Darling. Thanks!

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  13. amy 07/26/2013

    if you just save the pic you can print it

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    Free Printable One Hundred & One Fun Summer Ideas for the Kids! - The TomKat Studio


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