{Real Parties} Chloe's Texas Tea Party!

Our fabulous web designer/contributor, Lindsey hosted this adorable tea party for her daughter. She asked me to design custom printables, but I ran out of time and she whipped them up herself {great job, Lindsey!}. The party turned out adorable. Enjoy!


My 3 year old daughter, Chloe, absolutely loves hosting tea parties. Usually the type that consist of me and her Dad drinking faux tea amongst the company of various stuffed animals. We will be moving soon and decided an actual tea party would be so much fun and a great way to get everyone together before we leave. I've long admired Kim's fabulous dessert tables and finally had a reason to try one myself. I'm happiest when being creative, so putting it together was a blast. A blast, and exhausting. My respect for Kim reached a whole new level this past weekend! How she keeps the pace she does, while still managing to deliver gorgeous tablescapes, is beyond me. At one point I found myself turning in circles while checking things off an imaginary list that was apparently floating above me. One (very important) thing I forgot was to book a photographer, that will be top priority next time around. All the hard work was most definitely worth it when I saw the grinning, cupcake covered, face of my sweet little girl.

A big thank you to Adriana from Sugarsweet Dreams Cake Company who sent these adorable cookies all the way from Florida!

Beautiful job, Lindsey!
You are an amazing mom & wife!

Visit Lindsey's blog here.

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