{Doing Business} What's in a Name?

Hello friends! You are going to start seeing more posts here on The TomKat Studio focused on starting, marketing and managing a creative business. I've learned so much on my journey and I continue to learn more each day. I hope to share more of my experiences with you on a regular basis. To start, I am excited to introduce you to my friends, Kara and Tracy of LaunchHer. I have worked with Kara on several occasions when I have needed legal advice and guidance. Like the time someone opened an Etsy shop called TomKat Party Studio. {what?!?} Today, the ladies of LaunchHER are sharing a few tips for getting your business started, along with a special promotion for their services.

From LaunchHer:

Women at all stages of business contact LaunchHER for business coaching, marketing and legal services, but we have a small confession...we especially love it when brand new business owners contact LaunchHER. Afterall, we are called LaunchHER for a reason. We love to be a launch pad for new women-owned businesses, working with them as a client, a sponsor, or featuring them as a {freshly launched} brand. We are passionate about women-owned, handmade, and boutique style brands.

Here are a few important considerations when you are launching a new business:

  • Your business name - research it! Do your research and make sure the name isn't already in use by another company {please note, name availability does not necessarily indicate whether or not the name is already registered as a trademark}.

  • Your business logo - stand out! Your logo is one of the most important first impressions your new business will make on potential buyers or clients. If graphic design is not in your bag of tricks, don't be afraid to hire someone.

  • Your business promotion - be prepared! Have a short description of your business written, as well as a short bio of you. This will come in handy when you are submitting your business for features such as {freshly launched}. It is also a good idea to have a headshot. If a professional photographer isn't in your budget, ask a friend that enjoys taking pictures to do a photo shoot with you.

This month, we are offering our first-ever Launch It Right™ package! We have bundled our MOST popular services and are offering them at a price that can't be matched.

Launch it Right™ includes:

  • (1) trademark application,

  • (1) hour of business coaching (on the topic of your choice), and

  • (1) press release with distribution.

While registering a trademark can seem costly, especially when you are just starting out, by NOT registering your mark and securing legal protection for your business name, you are placing your entire business venture in jeopardy. When you delay in registering your trademark, you open the door to the possibility of finding yourself in the unenviable position of either defending your unregistered trademark (good luck to you with that) or surrendering “the perfect business name” you searched high and low for to the savvy business person who did not delay in registering their “perfect business name.” Don’t place yourself in a situation that is stressful and the outcome unknown. Register the name of your business, product or idea today! You will never regret it. Especially when you sleep well at night, knowing your good name is registered.

The entire package is available for the month of August for just $325*. Considering a trademark alone starts at $500*, this is an amazing offer. Space is limited, reserve your spot by emailing [email protected] today!

We love to connect! Join LaunchHER on Facebook and Twitter, or submit to be {freshly launched}.

*Government filing fee of $275 for trademark filing is additional.

Thank you, LaunchHer for joining us today!

Attention Readers:

If you have a business or are thinking about starting one, what would you enjoy learning about? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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