{Cupcake Monday} How To Frost Cupcakes with a Beautiful Swirl!

Happy Cupcake Monday!  Glory of Glorious Treats here with some simple tips and techniques to help you make beautiful cupcakes.  Kim and I are both often asked about the pastry tips we most commonly use to frost cupcakes.  If you have ever been curious about the pretty, ruffly swirls... I'm hear to show you how simple it really is!  Piping frosting on cupcakes is actually quicker than spreading it on, and the results are much fancier!

Ready to make some beautiful cupcakes?

You'll need...

A large pastry bag

A Wilton 2D or 1M tip (the 2D is a closed star, the 1M is an open star, the end results are similar, with the 2D being slightly more ruffly)

A batch of delicious, thick icing  (like my American Buttercream)

Baked and cooled cupcakes


1.  Hold the piping bag straight up, start frosting from the outside edge (about 12 o'clock position), and begin swirling around the outside edge.

2.-3.  Continue squeezing with constant pressure as you work around the edge of the cupcake (I go counter-clockwise, but I don't think you have to).

4.-5.  Continue in a spiral motion, creating another layer of icing, working in toward the center.

6.  Finish the spiral in the center, release pressure on the bag, and pull straight up.

Voila!  A beautifully frosted  cupcake.  At this point, you could add sprinkles or a TomKat Studio topper, and you have a beautiful dessert perfect for most any occasion.

A few notes... the most common problem people seem to have with piping frosting on cupcakes is the frosting not being thick enough to hold it's shape.  Make sure your ingredients (butter, milk, etc) are nice and cool as you make your icing, and make sure not to add too much liquid.  If you find the icing a bit soft, you can put it in the refrigerator to firm up a bit, or if necessary add a bit more powdered sugar.

Here are links to some delicious basic recipes, as well as some helpful tips on baking and decorating cupcakes...

Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcakes

How to bake Cupcakes

How to frost cupcakes (includes a vide0 tutorial), and includes the rose technique pictured above.

As with any craft or skill, making beautiful cupcakes requires a bit of practice and experimentation... but it shouldn't be too hard to find people willing to eat your "practice".

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  3. shaima 09/18/2012

    it looks bueatiful but not creative,not challenging,too simple, not that fun

  4. rizza 10/09/2012

    Hi,how did you make the rose like design?

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  6. Clair 11/14/2012

    The pink is Glorious! What colour did you use to create it? And what icing recipe. I'm guessing, not a butter based one? Thanks Clair x

  7. Mia 11/17/2012

    Great tutorial!

  8. maria isabel cordova 11/30/2012

    soy de Venezuela y no hablo ingles podrían ayudarme mandandome la receta de como hacen la cubieta de cupcakes, me encanta su página pero no comprendo y no soy muy diestra en esto de internet

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  12. kori 12/24/2012

    thanks you cause i did not now how to do cupcakes designs

  13. Leigh 03/05/2013

    Can you do this with store bought icing?

  14. Rudi 05/15/2013

    Have ur recipe for the frosty Love it thank u

  15. Rudi 05/15/2013

    Can I please Have ur recipe for the frosty Love it thank u

  16. anita 06/21/2013

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  19. Miss Common Cents 10/28/2013

    Thanks for your great tutorial, mine didn't turn out quite as good as yours but I'm sure I'll get better with practice!

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  21. jenny-ifer 11/19/2013

    Absolutely loved the tutorial and the photographs above. Just wondering if you have the same style photos with the rose design. (Yes I realize it's just changing your starting/ending place but I'm a visual person)

    I'll definitely be back to try some of these recipes and techniques!

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  24. balencia 11/26/2014


    Is the rose technique done with Wilton 1M or 2D? I just noticed in the pictures two of the cupcakes have the rose design. Do you have a tutorial on how to do this technique?

    Thank you in advance and beautiful pictures!

  25. Kimberly 09/07/2015

    Thank you for this tutorial. It is very much appreciated. I will be using this swirl on girly baby shower cupcakes this weekend. :)


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