{Published} Kim Stoegbauer, The TomKat Studio Featured in Where Women Create!

I am so honored that Jo Packham, editor of Where Women Create and founder of The Creative Connection Event included me in the latest issue of Where Women Create! {Thank you for recommending me, Paige!} Jo and her photographer visited my {now former} house a few months back and it was such a pleasure meeting them. Furthermore, I am honored that they asked me to teach at The Creative Connection Event, which is taking place later this week in St. Paul, Minnesota. I am looking forward to seeing Jo again and so many other talented creative bloggers and friends at the event! And get this...I get to participate in an autograph signing party at the event for being in the magazine! Me, autographs? Umm...okay.

This issue is filled with incredible stories featuring amazing, creative women that I admire, including Holly Becker, Heather Bailey, Becky Higgins,and more. Pick up a copy....you'll love it! I picked up a few at Barnes & Noble or you can order online here.


  1. Lisa 09/13/2011

    Great Job Kim..... I hope the new house is coming along. Our family is getting ready for the same kinda fun. California to New York here we go!!!!!!

  2. Kim 09/13/2011

    Thank you, Lisa! The house is coming along little by little. I absolutely love it!!

  3. Katie {Sweet Rose Studio} 09/13/2011

    Congratulations Kim on a well-deserved feature! And how fancy are you with your very own autographi signing? Awesome!

  4. renee unsworth 09/13/2011

    CONGRATS to you!!!

  5. Andrea @ Paper-Charmed 09/13/2011

    Congrats! More power to you!

  6. [email protected] 09/13/2011

    i just read through the magazine last week at barnes and noble. your feature was awesome! so happy for you :) i've been a follower for a long time.....kudos!

  7. aimee @ paging supermom 09/14/2011

    Yay--this is just awesome! Congrats!

  8. Lindsay Banner 09/14/2011

    YAY Kim!!!! LOVE it!! XOXO

  9. Heather G. 09/14/2011

    Oh, wow that is amazing!! Congrats, friend! Where can I get this magazine? I want to send it to you for an autograph!! xoxoxo......

  10. Kim 09/14/2011

    Thank you, all!! I'm thrilled.
    I'm hoping to grab more copies at The Creative Connection!

  11. Sheila 09/14/2011

    That magazine is the reason I found your website/blog. Which by the way, I love your blog. You are very inspiring and that is probably why Jo decided to feature you in the WWC magazine. I am glad she did. Congratulations.

  12. Kori Clark 09/14/2011

    Congrats Kim! What an honor!

  13. Molly 09/14/2011

    Kim you amaze me!!! You deserve every bit of your success!!!

  14. Tamara 09/15/2011

    Congrats!! You are awesome!!

  15. Jordan - Polkadot Prints 09/15/2011

    How lovely! Congratulations to you Kim! xo

  16. Lissa (Bellenza) 09/15/2011

    Huge congrats! Definitely well-deserved!

  17. Melissa 09/15/2011

    Yeehaw Kim!
    So excited for YOU! Wish I was there to hear you speak...
    Hope you are enjoying your new home~ so much fun to decorate a new space.
    Lots of LOVE! xxoo

  18. amanda 09/15/2011

    You deserve it girl!

  19. Gussy Sews 09/16/2011

    that's my girl!!!!! ;]

  20. A Creative Spirit 09/17/2011

    I got the mag and can't wait to ready your article. :o)


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