{TomKat Update} A Note of Thanks!

Happy Weekend, friends! You may have noticed that my "voice" has been quiet on the blog lately. My life has been beyond hectic lately with all the projects I am working on paired with moving into our new house {love it!}. It's been hard to get organized and settled and it doesn't help that the internet connection in our new house is terrible {working on that}. I am feeling quite overwhelmed by all of the commitments, travel and projects coming up. They are all amazing things, but as of lately it has kept me away from the blog and from sharing all that is going on! I love blogging and connecting with you all on a daily basis, so I feel like I'm failing when I'm not "here".

With that being said, I'm hoping that maybe you haven't noticed my absence because my incredible team has been holding down the fort! My girls, Toni & Molly deserve a huge shout out for their dedication, commitment and incredible customer service. I can't tell you how lucky I am to have these girls behind me keeping everything up and running smoothly. These girls worked all summer, even while on vacation {hello, dedication!}. Molly was sending orders from her balcony in Hawaii and Toni was answering convos on her iPad from the beach in San Diego. I could not run this business without them and their support. Toni & Molly....

{art print :: honeyboo}

I am looking forward to our upcoming trip to The Creative Connection Event in St. Paul, Minnesota! It will be amazing to have four days of traveling, creating, teaching, connecting....and I'm sure some late night chats and brainstorming with my girls!

On another note, I am thrilled that I just hired an additional team member yesterday and will introduce you to her soon!

Happy Weekend!!



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