Creative Camping Birthday Party {Featured Parties}

Our talented reader, Lauren never ceases to impress us! When she sent us the photos from this super fun camping themed party, we knew we had to share. You may remember the Art Party that Lauren threw for her daughter Cameron or her Memorial Day Party filled with amazing details. This party was for her son, Davis, who turned five. Last summer, Davis went on a camping trip with his dad and came home announcing that he wanted a "tent party". That was all the push Lauren needed to get started, and the theme "Camp 5 Rocks" was born. So, sit back and enjoy all of the wonderful details of this fabulous party!

How adorable is this watermelon "porcupine"? Lauren found him on Pinterest, and knew he would be perfect for the party! Pinterest is such a wonderful site for finding party inspiration and ideas.

Beautiful job, Lauren! The thoughts and details that you put into your parties are truly astounding.

Thank you for allowing us to share this with our readers!

Cake :: Dorie Kinney
Food Labels/Banner :: Nellie Designs

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  1. Nicki


    Love this!

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    Wondering if you would mind sharig the recipe to the smores apples and where you found the wooden tiered desert stand?
    Great Job!!!

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    • Lauren


      Hi Nichole,
      I got the s'more candy apples at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I wish I could say I made them!! I got the wooden tiered dessert stand from Pottery Barn. It's still available right now if you want it. I think they call it a farm stand??

  3. Marisa


    This is absolutely amazing! One of the most clever, cute and detailed parties I have ever seen! Great job!

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  4. Crosby


    Great Job Lauren! Looks like a party everyone wants to come to!

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  5. katie s


    Oh WOW! That is so cute and amazing! What a lucky little boy!

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  6. Joelle Rebmann


    The smores caramel apples look wonderful...and that cake! I just love it. What a talent she is, and such a cute family, too!

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  7. Andrea @ Paper-Charmed


    love the porcupine watermelon. love everything!

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  8. Amanda


    Wow!! I'm in LOVE!! So amazing Lauren! Such great detail! Im sure everyone had a blast at this party!

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  9. nellie*design


    It was so much fun for me to see the final photos from this party! I contributed the party printables for Lauren, so only had a small idea of some of the details she had up her sleeve... but man, was I blown away by the finished product! Great party Lauren! :) Your son and all the party guests were very blessed by your creativity!

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  10. Ashley


    LOVE everything!! I have been looking for the personalized "Camping Gear" knives, forks and spoons for my sons birthday party! Would you mind sharing where you got those from? I can't find any that can be personalized like those are!! Thank you SOOO much! -Ashley

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      I would like to know where to get the personalized wooden cutlery sets. Is the Camp 5 Rocks available as printables?

  11. N. Rose


    Love the ant photo/note holders. Would you mind sharing where those were purchased?

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  12. Kristin



    Love your camping party. My son turns 7 in Feb and we definitely want to do this. I was wondering where you found the t-shirts and what activities did you do?

    Thanks for your help.

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  13. Maria Boada


    I am planning a camp-out party for my son in May. I love all of the printables and party details; like the cut log platters and red ant place card holders...where did you find these?

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    • Kheri


      Did you ever find the log font or how to get those cute printables?
      My party is next week and I would love to have some of those.

  14. Leslie


    I have been looking all over for those ant card holders-where can I find them?

    Thank you!

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  15. Cynthia


    What did you have for the bug bites on the table. I can see the sign, but not what kind of good it is.

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  16. Whitney


    What activities did the kids do?! Love this party, I'm hoping to recreate something similar for my son! Thx!

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  17. Nikki Zigler


    What a creative soul you are, just amazing! Can you tell me who did the t-shirts? My son is turning 7 and we are doing a camping party in 2 weeks, he is so excited! Thanks.

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  18. Renee Stewart


    loved the decorations and everything would you mind sharing your resources and anything else you think would be helpful. My three year old daughter is having a camping themed 4th birthday party. I can use all the help I can get. Anything would be greatly appreciated!


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  19. Dina


    Love this!! I am having a camping party next month for my son. Where did you get the wooden utensils? An what did you use for the bug bites?

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  20. Erica Reinhart


    Such a cute party idea! Love the theme~ definitely going to throw this one out as an option for him this year

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  21. Tyeshi Hernandez


    hi I wanted to know exactly whats in the dirt cups and how did you make those smores apples

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  22. Carole


    Love the idea! What did you use for the backdrop? How to hold the polka dot fabric?

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  23. robert


    hello guys!! i want to say about decorations. Since your party will be in the backyard there is really no need for decorations as the great outdoors will do your decorating for you. What you can do is set up your backyard to resemble a campground with tent, fake log fire, sleeping bags, camp chairs and anything else you might see in the wilderness.

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  24. Sara boniske


    Can you tell me where you had the silverware stamped with great very cute log font? Thanks so much

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  25. kym


    I was wondering where you got the wooden flatwear too?

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