Chocolate + Gold Sparkling 30th Birthday {Party Inspiration}

When I spotted this gorgeous 30th birthday party on Facebook recently, I fell in love! The guest of honor, Amber is a local Phoenix photographer and clearly she has some creative friends. Her fabulous friends, Katie and Paige hosted and styled the party. The beautiful photos were captured by photographers, Beka and Brandon Lowe.

From Amber: My husband Mike wanted to throw me a 30th birthday "re-do" party since on my actual 30th birthday, I was pregnant and due to have my son at any moment. He contacted a couple of my friends to help him pull off the surprise party of my life, and even one of my best friends from Minnesota flew in for it. I did not have a single clue this was being planned! I actually thought we were going out for "no kids" dinner night with friends...and when we showed up at Katie's house, expecting to meet everyone and go downtown, I just about passed out from being so in shock that they had pulled off something like this...and it was for me! It was the best 30th birthday I could have asked for. It had all the details I would have planned for myself {lucky for me, they stalked my Pinterest boards for the decor ideas!} 

Gorgeous, right?

Thank you for sharing your special day with us, Amber!  

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