Cupcake Liner Christmas Flowers {Tutorial}

We are very excited to introduce you to our newest contributor, Carrie Sellman from Half Baked - The Cake Blog. Carrie and I have been online friends for quite awhile and I am thrilled to have her join The TomKat Studio as a monthly contributor. Carrie is an amazingly talented cake designer and blogger. Her work has been featured in national publications like BRIDES and The Bride and Bloom, as well has many popular websites like Style Me Pretty and Hostess with the Mostess. Please welcome her and we hope you enjoy her first post!  

Hello! It's Carrie from Half Baked - The Cake Blog. I want to start off by thanking Kim for the opportunity to stop by today.  We all know how Kim loves cupcakes! And for those of you who know me, you know how I love a good cupcake liner craft! And why not?  They’re adorable, easy and make great use of the extra cupcake liners we all have lying around.

So, I put on my elf hat and came up with a fun new tutorial exclusively for TomKat Readers!  In a few simple steps, you’ll make old any cupcake bloom with Christmas spirit.  Break out your tape, extra baking liners and let’s get started!   Perfect for Christmas goodies and easy enough for the kids to craft… hope you enjoy my Cupcake Liner Christmas Flowers!

Using holiday cupcake liners from Martha Stewart gave my little 'Christmas Poppies' a striped candy-cane-effect.  Mixing in additional patterns and colors would only add to the fun, creating a bouquet of cupcakes!

Here's what you'll do...

Cupcake Liner Christmas Flowers

Cupcake Liners (red)
Mini Cupcake Liners (red & white)
Double Sided Tape
Extra Long Toothpicks (or mini skewers)


  1. Grab a white, mini cupcake liner. Fray the edges all the way around by making small cuts with your scissors. This does not have to be perfect!

  2. Wrap a piece of double sided tape around the top of your toothpick. Insert pointy end of the toothpick through the center of the cupcake liner. Push the liner up to the top of the toothpick. Fold liner in half.

  3. Twirl the cupcake liner around toothpick to create tight little bud of frayed cupcake liner. This is the center of the flower.

  4. Grab a red, mini cupcake liner. Flatten and 'smoosh' the center by slightly overlapping the center section onto itself. Repeat this process with a large red cupcake liner.

  5. Insert your toothpick through the center of the mini cupcake liner. Then through the large cupcake liner to complete your flower. Smush, crinkle and/or adjust liners until you're satisfied with your flower. The more you crinkle, the better it looks. Insert into cupcake and enjoy!

TIP:  To complete the look, bake your cupcake in a pannetone baking cup {purchased at Bake It Pretty} and dust icing with powdered sugar before topping with a flower.

Whether they top off your delectable homemade cupcakes, pretty up some store bought sweets or provide a Christmas activity for the kiddos… I hope you enjoy these Cupcake Liner Christmas Flowers! Be sure to come join us over at Half Baked for more cake, cupcake and sweet party inspiration, like my Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees! Merry Christmas!

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  1. sue @ Cakeballs, cookies and more


    Those are very cute!

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  2. Lorell


    Super cute!

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  3. Alison @ Ingredients, Inc.


    so cool!

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  4. Tasos


    Clever cupcake design :) Perfect to play around with the kids. Keeping the kids involved is win win combo in pre holiday craftsmanship. I love when the family is focused and bringing something together. Nice tutorial and great ornaments :) Thank you and happy holidays.

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  5. Carrie ~ A Sweet Spot: Home


    What a sweet and easy way to jazz up cupcakes for Christmas! I imagine these would also made an absolutely adorable garland...great idea!

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  6. Dee


    These are absolutely lovely! I had to share on my FB page. Would be a perfect embellishment for a card, wreath, or on a gift too! Thanks for creating and sharing! ~Dee

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  7. Jessica @ Pen N' Paperflowers Studio & Design


    VERY cute Carrie!!! Loved your first post!!!

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  8. lucy


    Love it - so cute!!!!

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  9. Lindsay {Easy Made Invitations}


    Such a beautiful addition to any treat!! Wonderful post, Carrie! I look forward to many more! :)

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  10. Lisa @ HR Creative Design Studio


    Great post Carrie! Such a fun and adorable project to do with cupcake liners. Look forward to seeing your next post.

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  11. Carrie @ Half Baked


    Thank you ladies! Looking forward to sharing fun new ideas with you each month. Hope you all had a very happy holiday!

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