Holiday Cake Pops {Sweet Treats}

What better way to celebrate the holiday season with loved ones than with a sweet, cake pop treat?

They're fun, they're delicious, and the sky's the limit when it comes to how you'd like to decorate them.

Besides dipping in different kinds of sprinkles, these ones have small gum paste designs which are easily made using a few tools.

Or, any kind of crushed candy will adhere to the melted candy wafers cake pops are dipped in.

In this case, candy canes were perfect for Christmas.

Made of crumbled cake and frosting of your choice, then dipped in a delicious chocolate, candy-coating, they're simple to make with the right guidelines. I followed Bakerella's instructions from her book, Cake Pops. You can find even more information and creative cake pop ideas on her blog.

They can also easily be displayed as part of your holiday decor, although I'm not sure they'll last very long!

Happy baking this holiday season!




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