2012 Printable Calendar by The TomKat Studio

Every year, I design a new, simple calendar that I hang on my office bulletin board. Here is the latest for 2012 and I hope you can use it, too!

Download the calendar here!


  1. 38

    michelle says

    I can not figure out how to print this. Been trying for days!! Any tips or tricks?! It keeps taking me to some weird freefileviewer and wanting to connect to my FB account. Is there a way to click and print?!

  2. 43


    Thank you so much for these printable calendars! I was lucky enough to find them the last four months of 2011 and I’m SO excited to have found them at the beginning of 2012 this year :D Thank you thank you!

  3. 44

    Lindsay says

    Thank you so much! I was looking for a simple printable months to hang at my desk and these are perfect! Simple but so pretty. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. 47

    Jen says

    Thanks so much for the blank monthly calendar download. I use them to plan summer activities (camps, swim lessons, vacation, etc)!

  5. 48


    Thank you for sharing with us the great calendar! It will help me keep organized. And the fun colors are stylish and put a little extra cheer into the day.

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