Lemon Yogurt Mini Parfaits

Hi there, it’s Carrie from Half Baked.  I’m excited to kick off the New Year with a bright and refreshing dessert that won’t weigh you down with pounds of guilt.  This time of year, everyone is feeling a little remorseful about indulging over the holidays and resolving to eat healthier.  But that doesn’t mean you have to ditch the cake {gasp} and  serve up carrot sticks at your January parties.  Being a January baby myself, I have a go-to cake that often appears for my birthday.  Angel Food Cake!  So today we're taking this naturally low-fat cake to the next level, adding a creamy lemon yogurt and light sprinkle of lemon sugar.  Deceivingly decadent and oh-so-delicious.... I hope you enjoy my {Angelic} Lemon Yogurt Mini Parfaits!

It’s sweet.  It’s tart.  It’s a small indulgence that won’t leave you feeling guilty.  Granted, it’s still cake.  {I’m not claiming it’s health food!}  But as far as desserts go, it’s a lighter option that will still satisfy your sweet tooth.  Plus, including mini portions on your dessert table gives your guests the opportunity to ‘be good’.

{Angelic} Lemon Yogurt Mini Parfaits
Angel Food Cake (store bought, baked from a mix, or made from scratch)
Fat Free Cool Whip
Lemon Yogurt (recipe below)
Lemon Sugar (recipe below)

Lemon Yogurt
1 quart plain low-fat yogurt
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
1/2 cup honey
1 tablespoon grated lemon zest

Line a strainer with paper towels, coffee filters or cheesecloth.  Place over a bowl and add yogurt.  Allow to drain for several hours or overnight, in the refrigerator.  Yogurt will become nice and thick.  Discard excess liquid from bowl.  Scrape thickened yogurt into empty bowl and add lemon juice, honey and zest.  Stir until well combined.

Lemon Sugar
1/2 cup sugar
1 tablespoon grated lemon zest

Stir zest into sugar and break up any clumps.  The oils from the lemon zest will perfume and flavor the sugar.  {This is also delicious sprinkled over fresh berries.}

To Assemble

  1. Cut angel food cake into slices, approximately one inch thick.  Using a cookie cutter the same size as your dessert glass (or one of the actual glasses and a knife), cut out circles of cake.  Set aside for layering.

  2. Put the lemon yogurt in a large plastic bag.  Seal, snip off the corner and squeeze a small layer into your glass.

  3. Repeat step 2, but with FF Cool Whip.

  4. Add a circle of angel food cake.

  5. Top with another layer of FF Cool Whip, then lemon yogurt.

  6. Finish with a sprinkle with lemon sugar and enjoy!


  • When assembling, layer up one glass and then taste it.   Adjust the amount of each layer according to your taste – more or less on the lemon!  Then assemble the remaining parfaits.

  • Enjoy these soon after assembling to avoid the angel food cake from becoming soggy.  If you need to prepare them in advance, hold off on the top layer of yogurt until the last minute.

  • Cutting cake rounds leaves behind scraps of cake.  If you’re trying to be more frugal this year, make trifles instead.  Just cut the cake into cubes and layer with yogurt and whipped cream.   This will utilize all of your cake, making it stretch further.

Whether you create mini dessert parfaits or serve a traditional slice of cake drizzled with yogurt and sprinkled with lemon sugar, I hope you try this sweet and tangy combination.    Enjoy!



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