Sweet Polka Dot Paper Baking Cups :: Cupcake Monday

We are so excited to have Marian from Sweetopia join us today for Cupcake Monday! I think you are going to love what she's come up with!

From Marian:
It's funny how these cupcakes came together. The same day I had been browsing Pinterest and came upon these pretty dishes from Royal Dalton, I also found out about Kim's new shop and first laid my eyes on these sweet paper baking cups. How perfect!

Polka dots, roses, soft pastels and pinks... it's a look I'll never get tired of.

I've got a secret to share with you about these cupcakes... they're ridiculously easy to make. I do have a few tricks up my sleeve, but I promise, after I share them with you, you'll be able to make them too.

If you'd like to make them, you'll need a cupcake recipe of your choice (here are a few if you'd like some ideas), and a buttercream icing of your choice as well. I like a lighter look to match the dishes and the soft pastel roses, but you can color your icing to suit your party's theme. I'm sharing the buttercream frosting recipe I used for these ones with you, below.

Besides the tools you'll need to make these, below is my video on making an icing swirl, and here's where I bought the edible gumpaste roses from. That's right, these ones were purchased, not hand made! I do prefer to make everything myself, however, sometimes life just doesn't allow enough time (and really, I'm still working on perfecting my roses), so if you don't have the time to make or learn how to make them, there are options!

{Video} Making a Cupcake Icing Swirl

How to Make the Cupcakes

Tools You'll Need:


1) Bake your cupcakes. While the cupcakes are cooling make your icing and tint it white if you'd like a brighter, whiter look.

2) Insert your cupcakes into the liners and add your icing swirl.

3) Dip your paintbrush into the luster dusts (sitting on a painters palette, if you like), and dust your gumpaste roses if you'd like a brighter, pinker look. I bought my roses either white or a soft pink color, so wanted to deepen the color to better match the dishes.

4) Place your roses into the icing and you're done!

Buttercream Frosting Recipe

{Click to print}

Have fun making these!

Feel free to come join me on Sweetopia for more decorating fun!

xo, Marian

Click here to find the polka dot baking cups that Marian used for this project!

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  1. Tina Dahl


    Sooooooooooooo pretty and thanks so much for the tutorial and recipes!

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    • Marian (Sweetopia)


      Thank youuuu so much! ;-)

  2. Tina Dahl


    Marian: is confectioners or powdered sugar the same as icing sugar?

    Reply 1 reply
    • Marian (Sweetopia)


      Absolutely, it is the same thing. Just in case you'd like to see more baking terms etc., here is a link to my glossary: http://sweetopia.net/glossary/

      All the best!

  3. Sandra


    Very dainty! Thanks for the recipe and video.

    Reply 1 reply
    • Marian (Sweetopia)


      My pleasure, Sandra. Thanks for commenting!

  4. renee


    Makes me want to throw a garden party!!!! thank you so much for the beautiful ideas!!!!

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  5. Miss Kitty


    Thanks Kim and Marian for sharing those darling cupcakes, the recipes, and the "how to"s!

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  6. Marian (Sweetopia)


    Thanks @renee and @Miss Kitty!

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  7. Holiday Party SOS


    Love the chintz look. Perfect for a vintage spring Mother's Day brunch theme.

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  8. Elizabeth Videc Photography


    This is perfect for a little tea party with a couple close friends and teddy bears. I think I'll introduce it to my daughter tomorrow. she'll absolutely love it - thanks!

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  10. Vera Zecevic - Cupcakes Garden


    The cupcakes looking gorgeous! I would really like to showcase them on my cupcakes recipes & ideas blog if you agree.

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  12. Liz


    Love these cupcakes.

    I am about to cook some myself and was wondering if you cooked the cupcakes in the polka dot liners?

    Thanks :)

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  13. dog treadmill


    dog treadmill

    Sweet Polka Dot Paper Baking Cups :: Cupcake Monday - The TomKat Studio

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  14. Priyanka



    I have the same question as Liz. Can you bake your cupcakes in these liners?



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