...for all of the birthday wishes this week.
...for all of the amazing 400+ customers who purchased during our sale.
...the gazillion packages sitting by my front door ready to go out today.
...the news that we just secured a lease on office space for the shop.
...for a husband who has put up with running a busy shop out of our house for four months.
...for happy, healthy children who rarely complain about mommy working so much.
...for a mother that stepped in and joined the payroll and truly loves packaging products.
...for an assistant who keeps me sane and even does my laundry (yes, you can be jealous now).
...for another assistant who handles every single customer inquiry all day long.
...for design assistant that handles printables even while on vacation, never missing a beat.
...for an inventory manager who watches the shop even at 3:30am.
...for a photographer who turns projects around overnight to meet my deadlines.
...for a father who discovered prostate cancer very early and is doing well.
...for the best friends and family we will celebrate my birthday with this weekend.
...for a vacation next week to spend time with my dad, brother and family.
...and for you, my readers who are always here for me, cheering me on.

I am very thankful. Have a wonderful weekend! 

{thankful image via pinterest :: source unknown}


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