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Last year, I was interviewed and featured by a popular Brazilian children's party magazine, Decoração de Festas Infantis. I have been meaning to share the fabulous spread. The magazine featured our Lollipop Party, as well as Kate's Glamour Girl Barbie Party! It is so amazing to have fans and readers all around the world. Although I can't fully read the article (it is in Portuguese), I am going to assume it says nice things!

 lollipop party photos :: laura winslow photography
glamour girl party photos :: vicki lynn photography
barbie cake/lollipop cookies :: decadent delights

A big thank you to the editors of Decoracao de Festas Infantis!

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  1. Sue @ Cakeballs, cookies and more


    wow so exciting!

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  2. Patrícia


    I`m not brazilian, but i am PORTUGUESE! Weeeeeeee.. Going to buy it.. NOW!


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  3. vanessa redivo


    parabens!!!eu tenho a revista e a materia é otima!
    sigo tbem qse q diariamente o blog e AMO!
    Bjo doce.

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  4. Tina Dahl


    This is so thrilling Kim, congrats on the international coverage. How exciting :)

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  5. lisa-sweet pop studio


    That's awesome Kim! Congratulations international star!!

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  6. bettijo @


    Congrats! What a fun feature. So have you had it translated so you know just what it is they were saying about you? ;)

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  7. Kely


    Hi Kim

    I`m a Brazilian party designer and I love your work. I had a party featured in your blog, the Bumble Bee.

    Just to let you know that the article is really nice. Starts saying that you are about to celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary, and that your biggest inspirations are Tommy and Kate. Then, it says that you have always loved to design your own cards, and even designed your wedding invitation.

    Further, it talks about your degree at the University of Arizona and that you decided to stay home with your kids in 2008, creating The TomKat Studio, and exploring your creative side. Then it finishes saying that, because you are a perfectionist, and considering your degree in business and marketing, you have a great knowledge to run the business, it is a tremendous success, getting 10.000 negotiations since 2009, 28.000 fans on facebook, and 300.000 visits at your blog.

    The numbers are amazing, but you deserve!! I`m loving the work you`ve been doing with Pottery Barn Kids.


    Kely Pinheiro (

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  8. Taís Farias


    Conheci seu trabalho através dessa revista! Me inspirou... e acabamos de lançar o !!! Parabéns! Seu trabalho é belíssimo!!

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