Little Red Wagon Birthday Party :: Aussie Party Challenge

Next up for our Aussie Party Challenge is a sweet birthday party styled by Suzanna of Mon Tresor. Kim designed a Little Red Wagon Baby Shower theme a few years ago for a friend and we had yet to showcase it and add to the shop! We were thrilled when Suzanna chose this theme for the party challenge. We adapted the original collection into a birthday party theme. We love the location she chose outdoors, as well as the crafty party hats and the delicious-looking chocolate layer cake! Enjoy all of the fun details...

For more party photos and details, please visit Mon Tresor.

party styling :: mon tresor
printable party designs :: the tomkat studio
desserts :: couture cupcakes and cookies

Our Printable Red Wagon theme and coordinating supplies in our shop!

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  1. Sandra 09/14/2012

    Gorgeous party! Love it!

  2. Jacinta Tom 09/14/2012

    This one wins hands down based on the bold colors and originality well done mon tresor!

  3. Marisa 09/14/2012

    Wow! Love the originality, the colours, the cake, the print design ... Everything! Fabulous job. You definitely get my vote!

  4. Amelia 09/14/2012


  5. Daniela Jayne 09/14/2012

    This is so unique and gorgeous, love the classic details. This reminds me of being a child and the freedom that comes from playing. Suzanna captured this theme perfectly xx

  6. Vee 09/15/2012

    This one is a winner in my eyes. Love the colours, the cake, the's all fabulous. this one is my favourite! Well done Mon Tesor. Love your work!

  7. Thetis (little sooti) 09/15/2012

    Love this set up Suz, well done lovely!!

  8. Genny 09/15/2012

    I have seen so many "girlie" styled birthday parties that it is wonderful to see one for boys. Suzanna has captured the essence of boyhood in this theme. The colours and the setting just scream FUN and the cake just doesn't look good but begs to be eaten! This party is little boy heaven.

  9. Not Just A Mommy! 09/15/2012

    I love all the details, the Little Red Wagon is such a classic icon and becomes a fabulous party! With two boys, I'm a bit partial to boy parties :)

  10. Manuela Cafe 09/15/2012

    Absolutely gorgeous.....this one is also a winner - the theme and all the colours and fantastic...I love all your work Mon Tresor, that's why I keep recommending you to my friends!! :)

  11. Kathy W 09/16/2012

    Well done again Suz! The colours look great against the green of the outdoors. What little boy doesn't love his little red wagon. All the sweets look great and bet they tasted great too!

  12. Julie Harvey 09/16/2012

    Love this party, all of Suzanna's parties in fact! This one gets my vote :)

  13. Brandi Noffsinger 09/16/2012

    Love the wagon party! The cake looks delicious and the props are adorable!

  14. Lisa Cox 09/16/2012

    I LOVE the colors here. Just goreous! And the use of the ladder. Genius! This one is definitely my favorite!

  15. Marie 09/16/2012

    Love every detail, perfect little boys party!

  16. Lalla 09/17/2012

    Wow!!! Boys are so difficult to style a party for, as much of what they like isn't cute or glamorous. This party has a style that boys can relate to and still be very chic. I love it, definitely has my vote.

  17. Nina 09/17/2012

    Well done Suz! Another beautifully styled party! I have to agree that it's wonderful to see a party styled for boys and one that everyone can enjoy

  18. Vanessa 09/17/2012

    To so lovely to see a boys party featured. The bold colors look great against the natual backdrop. The triangular sweet stand adds an intersting dimension which i love. The sweets look amazing and all the fine details make the whole theme extra special. Go Mon Tresor - your work makes everyone say WOW!

  19. Gez 09/17/2012

    Mon Tresor has worked her magic once again and styled an exquisite little boy's party in red and blue. What little one could resist these gorgeous treats set within a beautiful rustic charm that would be so exciting for little boys?

  20. Ann 09/18/2012

    It's so hard to do a creative party for boys. Loved the wagon theme and the rustic setting. Well done!

  21. Victoria 09/18/2012

    Great looking design very stylish would create a wonderful party

  22. Angel 09/18/2012

    I vote for this one! It was hard to choose but anything red & turquoise wins me over first of all. I really love this theme & the colors are so adorable but perfect for a boy party. Loved the candy apples and the whole thing had a rustic feel to it. I love that its cute & decorated with a vintage feel adults can appreciate but everything about it just oozes boyishness, from the woods to the the icing on the cake, its just a dream party for a little boy. Great job!

  23. Edwynna 09/20/2012

    Love this ... great colours & perfect setting in nature! Well done!

  24. Kylah 09/20/2012

    That cake looks delicious! I love the colors and how its done for little boys. This one gets my vote!

  25. Liz Tosevski 09/21/2012

    Every bit of this creation is total perfection, and I love an outdoor party. WOW WOW WOW.


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