Happy October :: Free Printable October 2012 Calendar

Can you believe it is October already? This year is flying by! I am so excited about Fall and for cooler temperatures (still waiting for them here in Phoenix!). The kids are on Fall break and are giddy about Halloween. We're so excited to start getting out our decorations tonight. We started our Halloween Countdown Calendar today and I decided that I am going to actually hide each paper bag (filled with candy or toys) each day for the kids. It reminds me of our Elf on the Shelf tradition and seeing the kids so thrilled to search makes me smile. I thought I would post an updated Printable October Calendar (it was pink in the full year calendar, but thought it deserved to be orange) and remind you to print your copy!

You can also download the rest of 2012 here!

I'll be working on our 2013 Free Printable Calendar soon!

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  1. Tina Dahl


    Love this Kim! I am still old school when it comes to calendars...I have a large day timer at work and a smaller size one for my handbag...something about seeing a whole month and a year at a time helps keep me sane. Yes, I know you can do this electronically, but I love my mechanical pencil and paper calendars :) So, thank you SOOO much for this. I am a true fan :)

    P.S. Still warm here in Chico too...almost 100 yesterday and today is supposed to be our last "hot" day of the year...we'll see!

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    • Kim


      I can't do my calendar digitally either. Reminders, yes.....but I like to see the whole month ahead right on my bulletin board!

  2. Andrea Worley


    love these! i printed mine off at the beginning of the year and have it right on my fridge for the Hubby to see! thanks for making these available!

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  3. Tonette (@SmileNglow)


    Yay! This is awesome. Thank you! :)

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    • Tonette (@SmileNglow)


      Hi Kim,

      Would you mind if I share the calendar on my blog? I promise to link back. I wrote my #plankaday sched on your pretty calendar. Thanks again!!!


  4. ninin


    its cute!

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  5. khinzawwin



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  6. Rachel


    Any idea when a 2013 will be out? Thanks!

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  7. Melissa VanToever


    LOVE this calendar!! I can't wait for the 2013 version!

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  8. Gustavo


    Cresmie Kangleon - i really want one!!! yay! hhheee i wanted to buy one for this year, but since there's a giveaway, i shouldn't miss the chance ahaha mai idol!!!

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  9. Marcia


    I was looking for the free 2013 printable calendar. I like to get a head start on the next months activites on the monthly calendars and since it is the 7th of December I was wondering where I can find it.

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