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Today I am giving YOU that is! I am so excited to share these photos of our latest Thanksgiving collection with you today. Fabulous photographer, Jessica Downey beautifully captured all of the details of our setup. As a little gesture of gratitude to the most amazing, supportive, loyal readers....I'm sharing the entire printable collection as a FREE download! If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, I hope these designs will help dress up your home for the occasion and if you aren't hosting but need cute tags or ideas for hostess gifts, I hope you will find some inspiration as well. So, check out all of the details we came up with and then find the instructions for downloading at the end of this post! Enjoy...

My printable designs were inspired by the neutral colors of fall, these placematsa gorgeous calligraphy font I've been using lately and this lovely pillow cover.

For the Give Thanks banner, I printed and attached to thin, brown satin ribbon using our mini clothespins and added big satin bows on the ends. It's much less time consuming that weaving the ribbon through each letter panel and who are we kidding? If you're hosting Thanksgiving, you probably aren't going to have an abundance of time.

Create simple place settings using mostly things you already have. I used my Emma dinnerware, a woven round placemat from my stockpile, the rarely-used silverware set that my mom passed down and my everyday wine glasses. To add a Fall touch, I folded a brown satin napkin like a bow, tied with burlap ribbon and then embellished it with a flower hair clip ($1.80 for 2!). The printable place card continues the dinner theme and creates a focal point right on the plate. I made a simple arrangement of white roses and put them in a fabulous bark-covered pot I found at HomeGoods and tied with jute twine.

Included in the printable set is this 5"x7" Happy Thanksgiving sign. I displayed it on the dessert table after embellishing the frame with more of those cute little flower clips.

I assigned Molly the task of playing with coffee filters yet again and asked her to attempt poms. While the poms ended up being a bit small to hang from the ceiling, they were perfect for a garland for the front of the dessert display.

As always, our focus was on desserts we used our favorite white milk glass cake stands to display them. We made cookies, cake, mini pies, cake pops, caramel apples and had macarons shipped in from our favorite mac vendor, Crazy About Macarons.

The macarons were sitting pretty in our brown and white striped candy cups. For the mini apple pies, I embellished our little wooden spoons using the circle stamp from our alphabet stamp set.

Inspired by the style of this cake, we made a pumpkin spice cake with exposed layers which I love and is so easy! Macarons fit perfectly in our mini glass jars and make are fabulous party favors.

We had to include at least one cupcake photo (read more here), so we decorated this cupcake with a topper using one of the printable designs. Wondering what these cute little white coconut balls are? They are so delicious and you can pick them up at the store! No one will ever know that you didn't make them yourself (wink!).

After all that sugar, we needed a beverage. We styled an apple cider tray using a basic glass pitcher tied with satin ribbon, recycled frappucino bottles wrapped in jute twine and finished with brown striped straws. The fabulous tray is another one of my lovely HomeGoods finds.

I wanted to showcase our new white scalloped favor boxes, so we topped them with our printable favor tags and craft flowers from Hobby Lobby.

If you aren't hosting Thanksgiving, but want to bring a hostess gift, be sure to wrap it pretty! Presentation is everything. You can find basic boxes at the craft store and tie with satin ribbon. Finish off with one of our printable tags. My favorite hostess gift? Candles. This Warm Apple Crisp candle is my favorite scent right now!

If you are hosting, be sure to stock up on our new takeout boxes so that you can send your guests home with leftovers (one of the best parts about Thanksgiving, right?). I dressed up the box with our new paper ribbon in brown stripe and topped with a "Thanksgiving Leftovers" tag from the printable collection.

Don't forget, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show your appreciation to other people who that make a difference in your life. Thank teachers, friends and neighbors with baked goods or small gifts and use our "I am very thankful for you" labels for the perfect touch!

Download the designs from our FREE Give Thanks Printable Thanksgiving Collection:

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takeout containers-4

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  1. Vanessa


    I love love love all of this thank you so much!!! I was wondering if you have the full alphabet for the banner? :))

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  2. Jesslyn


    These are incredibly elegant and gorgeous! Downloading right now to use this year. Thank you so much for your generosity. New fan for sure!

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  3. Jesslyn


    These are absolutely stunning! Elegant and simple. Thank you so much for sharing them for free. I instantly scrapped my other decorating plan and am going with this. It's perfect. A new fan and follower for sure!

    Reply 0 replies
  4. Jessica


    How did you make your coffee filter pom poms?

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  5. Melissa


    love this set up... And the buffet! Just bought the same one yesterday at Homegoods :).

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  6. Nancy


    Thank you for the lovely printables! I shared your link at

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  7. Katherine @ Everyday Celebrations


    I love this so much that I featured it in my blog post today!


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  8. Suzanne


    Kim thank you so much for sharing your Thankgiving font and design ideas!

    I'm looking forward to making the banner. I really appreciate your simplified instructions

    Reply 0 replies
  9. Kristin


    Thanks so much for the free printables! They are super cute! I added a turkey between Give Thanks because I wanted to hand it as one banner and thought I should break it up some. I posted a link if you wanted to check it out. The turkey was clipart from a Google search. I strung the banner together with some homespun fabric I had on hand.

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  10. Aisha


    Is it possible to add text to the place cards before I print them out?

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  11. Ally Jean


    I love everything about this! The tiny wooden spoons on the sweet little pies? You're killing it. I included your beautiful printables in a Thanksgiving freebie roundup on my blog. Thanks so much for sharing!

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  12. Danielle Henshaw


    Oh Thank You & God Bless You for this beautiful Gift!
    Although Thanksgiving is only a week away & I have SO Much to do & am a bit overwhelmed, I just found this & am definitely going to do a lot of it! This is the 1st year for me to host all of my extended family in my home with my husband & I believe this will add such a special touch that no one will forget this special day! I am so excited!
    I do wish you had mentioned what font you had chosen to use in your samples....they are so pretty!
    Please do this again!!!

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  13. Jennifer


    Thank you for the free printables!!! Are the labels and dinner menu editable? If not how can I make them editable so I don't have to hand write. Thanks!!!!

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  14. Katherine


    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and not enough decorations can be found for it. Thank you very much for these ideas and downloads!!!!

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  15. Heather


    Awesome and creative ideas. Cheers!

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  16. Staples Copy Centers


    Customers are bringing/emailing these in and wanting us to print these for them. They have a copyright at the bottom. We need written permission from the copyright holder to print items with a copyright on them. If it is okay with you for us to print your designs and charge for them, please give written permission along with your designs so we will not upset our customers. They would really appreciate it and so would we. Again, thank you very much for your assistance.

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  17. Crissa Clark


    Thanks for sharing.......LOVE all of the precious printables. What a treat! Make it a blessed Thanksgiving

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  18. serena matthews


    can you please share where this amazing buffet table is from?

    Reply 1 reply
    • Kim


      It was from HomeGoods!

  19. Barbara


    Love it! This is awesome and beautiful ideas!

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  20. Jessica


    How did you cut out those cupcake toppers?

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  21. dlhill216


    Thank you so much for sharing! I love all of it!!!

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  22. Douneh


    This is the most elegant set up I have seen. Love the colors though settle.
    I am thankful to you this Thanksgiving 2015. Thank you for the freebies :)

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  23. CCParty2016



    First of all your site is amazing, I did find you threw pinterest and I wanted to verify where were you able to locate the cups, in the brown color that is posted above, thank you so much again


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  24. lmk410


    What program is needed to edit the labels (ie, menu cards or dessert labels)?

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  25. JessicaPerilloux


    I linked this post on my latest blog post at The OMG Life blog! I just love these printables. They are so classic and cute, and you can add any pop of color because they can coordinate with anything. :)

    Reply 1 reply
    • tomkatstudio


      Thank you for sharing them, Jessica!

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