The 12 Days of Christmas :: Day 8

ForĀ Cupcake Monday today, our featured SALE item is our fabulous Cupcake Decorating Kit!

This kit includes all of the basics you need to start making the prettiest cupcakes on the block! It is super easy, I promise!

  • 3 Large Cupcake Frosting Tips (flower, star, french tip)

  • 12 Disposable 12" Icing Bags

  • 1 Large Coupler

  • 100 Brown Greaseproof Liners

  • 50 4" Lollipop Sticks (perfect for making cupcake toppers)

The kit is packaged in an adorable white bakery box topped with a pink bow and TomKat label. It's perfect for gift giving (or to keep for yourself!)
Find the TomKat Cupcake Decorating Kit ON SALE here!

To see how easy it is...check out this step-by-step swirl cupcake frosting tutorial by our contributor, Glorious Treats! Or, to see what you can do with each type of frosting tip, check out Glory's Cupcake Decorating post here.

photo by Glorious Treats

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