Hi-Hat Cupcakes :: Cupcake Monday

martha hi hat cupcakesDo I need to explain why I chose to feature these Hi-Hat Cupcakes by Martha Stewart for Cupcake Monday today? I mean, just look at them. WOW! They look amazing! Has anyone ever attempted these? From the comments on Martha's site they aren't the easiest to accomplish, but I think it's worth a try!

Get the recipe here!

Have a sweet week, friends!  


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  1. Tina Dahl 01/14/2013

    I have seen these many times and have ALWAYS wanted to try them, so I think this weekend I will!

    • Kim 01/14/2013

      Let me know how they turn out! They look so delicious!!

  2. Heather Holland Suire 01/14/2013

    I bake cupcakes all the time and I am only unsuccesful when I try a Martha recipe :( But her ideas are always soo tempting so I may have to give these a try...
    Happy Monday!

    • Kim 01/14/2013

      Her recipes do seem a bit more complicated than the average....let me know if you give these a try!

  3. Linda had a little lamb 01/14/2013

    These look SO yummy! I need to try this out soon. Thanks!

  4. Bridget 01/14/2013

    I'm not a big frosting fan (and these look to have more frosting than cake), but I wonder if it would work to put soft ice cream on top and dip that in chocolate like a chocolate dip cone....

    • Frolicking Night Owl 01/14/2013

      I don't like frosting either. I usually scrape it off ... too sweet & sugary. If I remember correctly, the white part was more like marshmallow & the chocolate dipping "frosting" is basically just melted chocolate so should be able to use any kind of chocolate you like ... semi-sweet, dark, bitter, etc.

  5. Frolicking Night Owl 01/14/2013

    I made these a couple years ago & they were outstanding!! A lot of work because of all the steps, but very yummy. I wouldn't make them again just for kicks, but definitely for something special like a party, birthday, etc.


    And just as an FYI to some of the other ladies out there, if you are struggling with MS cupcake recipes, try them again. I always have great results & lots of compliments when I use her recipes. I've had people request that I make certain MS cupcake recipes for their bday or other special events cause her cupcakes become some of their/our favorite desserts.

    • Kim 01/14/2013

      WOW! Yours look amazing!! Great job and thanks for the tip to keep trying!!

  6. Courtney G. 01/14/2013

    I followed the Martha Stewart recipe. They were actually easy to make. They make quite the statement. Dont be afraid. Just go for it!!!

  7. Carrie, A Sweet Spot: Home 01/15/2013

    I love the look of these but have never tried them before. It always seems like a science experiment that gravity would ruin for me! :) I'm sure one of these days I'll get around to giving them a try, though!

  8. Brandy H 01/15/2013

    I made these last year for my daughter's Valentine Party at school - I did mini cupcakes on a stick and made the frosting inside pink. They were fabulous - perhaps wasted on Kindergarten children but I loved them. I have had great success with MS recipes in general. I just make sure I've read each one a dozen times before starting. I think these were pretty easy - the frosting is so thick it doesn't even budge when dipping it in the chocolate. I covered them with sprinkles while the chocolate was still wet. I'm getting so excited about them again, I may just have to try them on preschoolers, 1st, 2nd and 4th graders this year. :)

    • Frolicking Night Owl 01/15/2013

      Thanks for the pink & sprinkles ideas!!

  9. Aimee 01/15/2013

    I made these a few months ago. They turned out amazing and weren't too difficult. Definitely worth trying. I also have a very similar recipe with a peanut butter frosting instead of the marshmallow and am dying to try them.

  10. Tammy 01/16/2013

    Made these today, loved them! They don't look as great as yours but for my first time I was happy.


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