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Hello there! It's Amber from Damask Love here with another crafty project! Today I'm excited to feature a couple of my favorite products from the TomKat Studio Shop! It's no secret that I have a serious crush on anything it only made sense that I'd fall in love with the paper ribbon! And since I love to think outside the box, I'm here to share a really different way to use your paper ribbon. Here we go!IMG_6367

In minutes you can create pouches using lengths of paper ribbon. They are perfect for making oblong treat packages that fit long objects like pencils or lollipops.


There's really only two steps involved in making this project!

  1. Select the length you'll need for your pouch, then fold as shown to create a gusset on the bottom of the bag.

  2. Use your sewing machine to stitch up the sides of the pouch. You'll want to keep your stitch close to the edge, to be sure you have plenty of space inside the bag to fill it up.

*Not shown: Leave an overhanging flap on the top of your pouch that you'll fold over to close. 



Once you're done, you can fill it up! I chose to fill mine with super simple sandwich cookies that I attached to the Wood Rock Candy Sticks available in the TomKat Studio Shop. Just melt a bit of white chocolate between the cookies and it will harden and keep the wooden stick perfectly in place! Easy!

Thank you so much for sharing this adorable idea with us, Amber!


For more of Amber's creative ideas including more ideas with paper ribbon, visit her blog here.

paper ribbon

Find the paper ribbon used in this craft here in our shop!


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