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pink sprinkles on pastry pedestal

You all know my love of the color combination of pink + gold. Well, when my party blogging BFF, Jessica from Pen N' Paper Flowers posted a fabulous tutorial for dressing up her innovative product, the Pastry Pedestal...I couldn't wait to share it! If you haven't heard of the Pastry Pedestal, you should check it out here. It's a set of versatile stands for all kinds of treats! For this tutorial, Jessica used our gold glitter set and a few other basic craft supplies. She also showcased our new PINK sprinkles on the gorgeous cupcakes she made.

pink sprinkles

So gorgeous, right?

Get the full tutorial here!

Find the gold glitter set + pink sprinkles in our shop!


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  1. Tina Dahl


    Oooooooo...so very pretty...love the new spinkles you are carrying plus all the other goodies in your Valentine's Shop :)

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  2. Jani Jensen


    I just placed my order for my cupcake pedestals from the "Pastry Pedestal"! What a clever idea with endless possibilities of adding yet another beautiful display to a party table. Thank you so much, Kim for always letting us know about the latest and greatest in throwing fun and beautiful parties. I check your blog every day! I often order from you as well -- thanks for the great products. I wish Jessica much success with this great idea!

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  3. Brigitte


    Hi Kim,

    What a perfect way to decorate cupcakes on a dessert table and so original. And of course the sprinkles are just lovely. Would it be ok if I feature this post on my Dutch blog, referring to you and Pen 'N paper flowers of course.

    Continue your great work!

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  4. Kara @ LaunchHER


    So gorgeous! Who knew we had the same favorite color combo. Love the pedestals & sprinkles ~ will be perfect for a LaunchHER soiree that 's in the works. Thanks for making Mondays so happy with your cupcake features! xo

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  5. Wendy


    This looks great! I am ordering my pastry pedestal now!!!

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  6. Nathalie @ Angelina's Dream Parties


    What a cute idea! I've never heard before about the pastry pedestals, but I'm ordering mine now.

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  7. Jamie


    Cute cupcake stands. Love the glitter.

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  8. Julia bustamante


    Do you have the recipe to your beautiful pink sprinkles cupcake? I like the filling that you added in the middle of the cupcake.

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