Planning Kate's 6th Birthday Party!

rainbow heart party

Hello friends! If you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw my post about "Planning a Fabulous Children's Party in Two Days" and updates on planning Kate's 6th birthday party! I am trying to show you that even with very little time, you can put together a sweet birthday celebration. With my travel and shoot schedule the past few weeks, I wasn't able to really start getting things together for her party until yesterday. If you missed my FB posts, we decided on the theme awhile ago.... RAINBOW HEARTS. Her party will be a casual "playdate" style on Friday since the kids are all out of school for Easter weekend. I designed an invitation last week, but decided it was too late to send out, so I used a rainbow Evite instead. While I love formal invitations, even this mom runs out of time! Yesterday, I ordered the cake (inspired by this cake that I adore!) and other desserts, booked a bounce house for the backyard and found some cute things at Target. I did a quick search this morning on my go-to sites for kid's clothing: Gap, Old Navy and Nordstrom and ordered her this adorable dress, which I can pick up tomorrow at the store!

Be sure to follow my Facebook page to keep up with my party planning for the next couple days!  

Happy, Happy Birthday to my sweet girl!

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  1. Andrea Worley 03/27/2013

    Cute, cute! I love the rainbow theme! And that cake is pretty amazing! Can't wait to see what you come up with. Thanks for being real and showing that things can still be fab in little to no time!

    • Kim 03/27/2013

      Thank you, Andrea! I thought it would be fun to share my chaos! ;) Wish me luck!

  2. Tina Dahl 03/27/2013

    As I am in the midst of planning/getting ready for my twins Mermaid/Pirate party and stressing out, I think the idea of a more simple party is a darn good idea, and I LOVE the rainbow hearts theme and can't wait to see how it turns out!! Don't get me wrong, I love planning and working on the kids party but it is a lot of work...that I know will pay off!!

    • Kim 03/28/2013

      Thank you, Tina! I definitely prefer being able to take more time to come up with fresh, brilliant ideas for my kids' parties, but I ran out of time this time! :( It will still be cute and LOTS of fun!

    • Deidra 04/02/2013

      Tina Dahl I have twins as well and I am planning their party.Do you mind sharing some of the different themes you have had for the twins? I love the Mermaid/Pirate theme.

      Kim I love reading your blog and get great inspiration from it. I have purchase a couple of you birthday packages and I am sure I will order more. Thanks for the Inspiration!!!!

  3. Katie {Sweet Rose Studio} 03/27/2013

    You *know* I can't wait to see all of the gorgeous details Kim. Kate is one lucky little lady!

    • Kim 03/28/2013

      Thank you, sweet Katie!

  4. charlette 03/27/2013

    Hello Kim,
    I love all of your work. You definitely have a gift for what you do. The heart party looks great!
    It was a few years ago that I stumbled across your site while searching for party ideas for my daughters 3rd. I had no Idea this world existed and now I'm hooked. I was so inspired by your fairy garden party...So I attempted a version of it with your printables of course. While it did not come out as well as yours I have not given up. I've styled a train party for my nephew and a Halloween birthday party for my niece. All in All they were nice but still not where I would like to be esthetically.
    I need advice. Where should I splurge and where could I skimp? What should I spend most of my time on? Budgeting and time are issues. It seems making cakes, cupcakes and cake pops put me over the edge in terms of time and energy spent, but on the other hand it is cost effective. Also, what do you think a reasonable total cost for a well styled kids party would be?
    My Fairy Party:
    My Train Party:
    My Halloween party:
    My Rapunzel Party:

    Thank you, Char

  5. Serra @ 03/27/2013

    I love the dress! I would actually wear that one! I follow you on FB, so I can't wait to see the other details! Super Cute! Thanks for sharing :)

    • Kim 03/28/2013

      Me too, Serra!!

  6. Lindsey 03/27/2013

    It's going to be fabulous! I love that you're sharing the quick tips as well! How funny that you and I both had to use an evite for our daughter's parties this year lol I am usually all over designing the invite, and I know you are! Can't wait to see the finished, fab product!

    • Kim 03/28/2013

      That is really funny, Linds! It is just because we are just so busy now! :)

  7. Fara 03/27/2013

    I know the feeling Kim! But I am sure you will come out with something spectacular. It's funny that i made a similar party to my daughter last October and this year my daughter ask me for a mermaid party (Kate's last Birthday theme).
    I can't wait to see the final product! Good luck with everything and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to beautiful Kate.



    • Kim 03/28/2013

      Hi Fara! I think most little girls all love the same things! My daughter is definitely the typical princess, pink, hearts, rainbow-loving little lady!

  8. renee 03/27/2013

    Yay rainbow, the most popular theme lately. Can't wait to see your daughter's party. I'm doing a rainbow-themed Easter, and found some adorable chevron and rainbow dresses from gymboree for my three girls. Here's a link for one ...

    • Tina Dahl 03/27/2013

      SUPER cute dress Renee, as is the chevron Rainbow Sparkle dress...too cute!

    • Kim 03/28/2013

      Oh that is SO cute!

  9. Shelly 04/02/2013

    Kate's party came together beautifully! I am honestly not fond of the popular rainbow theme and when I saw that you were planning a "Rainbow Hearts" party my first thought was that this party wasn't going to be of interest to me. However, I was interested in following you as you put this party together in two days. To my surprise, with each new post, I fell harder and harder for the bright colors and the fun, youthful feel of this party. The entire day just screamed "have fun"! The huge balloons, bouncy house, bright balls, and rainbow layer cake are irresistable! I can't wait to see Kate in her dress and matching necklace...and of course, the shoes she wore with it!!! Great job, Kim, this just proves you can't judge a book by it's cover.

  10. Raquel 04/04/2013

    Hi Kim......want to congratulate you for your wonderful fresh ideas. I'm from Brasil but the distance has not been a barrier to use Tom Kat every single year for my girl's birthday parties. She already had the Ballerina and then a mix of fairy garden plus owls for her second bday. This year I've chosen the cotton candy theme and can't wait to put together a cute 3rd bday party to our little Sahra.
    Also bought items from your shop and they arrived ok all the way here.
    I'm so glad I found you!!

  11. Juanita 04/10/2013

    This is quite lovely and such a wonderful theme!

  12. Lorena 04/18/2013

    Kim, hola! I have followed your blog for several years now and I love your ideas and creativity. You are a great inspiration. I am looking forward to see pictures of this lovely and fun theme.

  13. Chasity 04/23/2013

    Hey Kim,

    I was wondering when you might have your pictures up from Kate's heart party? I cant wait to see them! :)

  14. Jeanine 04/30/2013

    Hi! Is there any way to order printables for the rainbow heart party? I see the other rainbow party on your site, but not this one. Please, please, please!!

  15. missy422 12/22/2013

    I love the way Tomkat studio shows the planning stages- I always wondered in amazement how you can plan these beautiful parties! I wonder how long before the event you start planning.


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