Planning Kate's 6th Birthday Party!

rainbow heart party

Hello friends! If you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw my post about "Planning a Fabulous Children's Party in Two Days" and updates on planning Kate's 6th birthday party! I am trying to show you that even with very little time, you can put together a sweet birthday celebration. With my travel and shoot schedule the past few weeks, I wasn't able to really start getting things together for her party until yesterday. If you missed my FB posts, we decided on the theme awhile ago.... RAINBOW HEARTS. Her party will be a casual "playdate" style on Friday since the kids are all out of school for Easter weekend. I designed an invitation last week, but decided it was too late to send out, so I used a rainbow Evite instead. While I love formal invitations, even this mom runs out of time! Yesterday, I ordered the cake (inspired by this cake that I adore!) and other desserts, booked a bounce house for the backyard and found some cute things at Target. I did a quick search this morning on my go-to sites for kid's clothing: Gap, Old Navy and Nordstrom and ordered her this adorable dress, which I can pick up tomorrow at the store!

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Happy, Happy Birthday to my sweet girl!

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