In LOVE with Ruche!


I recently discovered the site, Ruche and nearly fell off of my chair. The shop, blog and every other little thing about Ruche is BEAUTIFUL. I think someone shared a link to theirĀ Tea for Two Spring Lookbook and I popped over and viewed it. After taking it all in, I figured that I would have a look at the shop and see what the beautiful clothing and accessories cost. I was pleasantly surprised (maybe shocked) that the items are really reasonable! They are definitely doing something right....I mean everything right!

ruche calendar

Go check it out and while you're there, download this adorable desktop calendar for April. I just did and it looks oh-so-pretty on my screen!

xoxo, Kim

PS. Sorry I have been quiet on the blog and Facebook the last few days! I made a quick trip to NYC for a top secret project I'm working on and I'll be traveling back there next week again....but over the next few days, I'll be catching up and getting some fun things posted! Stay tuned....

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