A New "Look" for The TomKat Studio

the tomkat studio

Hello friends! I am so excited to announce the launch of our revamped logo and blog design! I have been working with my girl, Lindsey from Pretty Darn Cute Design to create a more simplified, clean "look" for the blog. It's been over two years since our last redesign and I've been itching to make some changes. First, we started by updating our TomKat girl logo with a new, fancy font. I've been loving all of the new calligraphy fonts popping up and wanted to give our logo a more sophisticated look.

tomkat studio logo 2013

The next step was working on the new blog design. When I worked on our design for the shop early this year, I went really simple. I wanted the photos to pop off the page, so I focused on sticking with a black/white/gray color palette. I decided to do the same with the blog design. I want our gorgeous, colorful photos to be the center of attention! After a couple weeks and several thousand emails between Lindsey and I, we finalized and implemented the design late last week. She was so patient with all of my very particular changes and features! I am so excited about the new "look" and hope you love it too! Good news...the site is now mobile responsive so it is super easy to view and read on your phones and iPads!

tomkat studio blog makeover

You will also notice some updated features and pages on the blog! I am so excited to finally have an updated ABOUT page, which includes the lovely ladies who make up the TomKat team....

tomkat team

as well as our new team of blog contributors! (more on this incredible group soon!)

Screen Captures21-001

We have also finally created a PORTFOLIO page that will showcase our parties, photo shoots and projects! I've added some of our recent projects for Pottery Barn Kids and HGTV, but I will be continuing to add more projects from the past as well as new ones as they are published!

portfolio tomkat

When you select one of the photos from the Portfolio, it leads you to a landing page for that party. The landing page includes information about the party, where to go for more photos, printables and tutorials, and a little fun Behind The Scenes blurb! I'm so excited to have all of our projects in one place, rather than just spread throughout the blog, archived and never to be seen again!

portfolio sample

We would LOVE for you to take a look around the site and let us know what you think!

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love, kim

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