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Happy Monday! Today I am sharing a project I worked on as part of Michael's Back to School Challenge! I'm always up for a good challenge and running around Michael's coming up with fun ideas sounds like a perfect afternoon to me. I decided to "celebrate" back to school with a little party and a couple of easy projects using fabulous products I picked. You can create this party for 6 kids, for under $100 which includes the supplies to make monogrammed cork boards for each child, party decorations, cupcake mix/frosting and more!*

back to school_0032

To make the corkboards, you will need:

back to school_0026

Gather supplies and print the letter of your choice.

back to school_0060

Cut out the letter template and use a pencil to trace onto the corkboard in desired location. Use small, quick strokes to create a subtle outline.

back to school_0061

back to school_0064

Use paint brush or foam brush to paint letter. (I preferred a small paint brush) Allow to dry completely before using.

back to school_0067

You can make these for the kids, or have them help if they are old enough! The boards come with foam squares for mounting and you can use them to display notes, schedules, you name it! These super fun little cards are made by Pocket Pages (collection is called "today") and I found them near the scrapbooking section! The "@" notepad pages are made by [email protected]! and I found them in the same area.

back to school_0052

I created a few other ideas and crafts for this little Back to School celebration! I found this adorable alphabet scrapbook paper in Michael's scrapbooking aisle which was perfect inspiration for the colors of this setup and can be used to make an easy banner.

back to school_0041

To make the banner, you will need:

  • 2 sheets of alphabet paper

  • grosgrain ribbon

  • scissors

  • craft knife

back to school_0068

Cut 4 rectangles, size 4.5" wide by 6" tall from each of the 12"x12" scrapbook papers, to create 8 flags. On the first flag, make a pencil mark 1" up and 2 1/4" in (half way). Use the mark to guide your cut from the bottom left corner to the mark and then the bottom right corner to the mark, to create the two point flag shape. Use this first flag as a template to cut the rest of the flags.

back to school_0071

Use an craft knife to make slits in the top corners of the flags, approximately 1/2" inch in from the edges. String ribbon through the slits to create the hanging banner.

back to school_0072

What's a party without cupcakes? I baked chocolate cupcakes in our favorite cupcake liners and topped them with these cute flags made from 8" lollipop sticks and these adorable Smash sticky notes!

back to school_0011

If you're having chocolate cupcakes, you're going to need milk too! I used plastic bottles and added Recollections large kraft letters to each one so the kids would know which one was theirs. Coordinating chevron straws were perfect for the milk bottles. I created the "cupcakes" and "milk" signs using kraft tags I spotted in Michael's stationery aisle along with the cutest little alphabet stickers by [email protected]!

back to school_0019

These mini plastic paint cans are perfect party favors for this celebration! Fill with M&Ms or other small candy and add another kraft alphabet sticker to monogram a can for each child.

back to school_0078

While you're there, grab a pack kraft cards and envelopes from the stationery aisle and you can use all of the leftover paper, tags and stickers to create adorable cards! How about making one for the teacher for the first day of school?

back to school_0089

back to school_0079

A big thank you to Michael's for having me participate in this Back to School challenge! It was so much fun to come up with these ideas and I hope you all like them and will create your own Back to School celebration!



back to school

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Tell me...How do you plan on celebrating Back to School?

Photos by Rennai Hoefer, ten22 Studio


*my own personal items shown not included in party budget: cupcake stand, books, scissors, craft knife

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