Tommy's Football Birthday Party!

Tommy's Football Birthday Party  |  The TomKat Studio

Our sweet boy, Tommy celebrated his 8th birthday in June! Is it really September already? Well, I'm happy to share the party with you today, especially with the new NFL football season starting this week! I had a very busy month of travel in June and threw this celebration together quickly. I wasn't planning on having a photographer, but it all came together nicely at the last minute and luckily my friend Jessica of Jessica Downey Photography was available to pop over and take a few photos of the setup. The day quickly turned into a party that our little boy will never forget. About 30 minutes after the party started, Tommy was playing basketball with friends in the backyard and slipped. He hit is head on the edge of our travertine planter wall and split his forehead open. It was the scariest moment ever, so much blood. We rushed him to the ER and four hours later, he ended up with stitches. The happy news is that party continued and we came home to all of our friends and family still there. They turned off all of the lights and greeted us with Tommy's ice cream cake and singing "happy birthday" was the sweetest thing. After a very long day of thinking he missed his own birthday party, the smile on his face was priceless.

I hope Tommy's party will give you inspiration for any football gathering, whether you are celebrating a birthday, end of the season, tailgating or gearing up for a big game!

Tommy's Football Birthday Party-Football Sign  |  The TomKat Studio

Tommy's Football Birthday Party-Cupcakes |  The TomKat Studio

Tommy's Football Birthday Party-Treats Table  |  The TomKat Studio

Tommy's Football Birthday Party-Popcorn Stand  |  The TomKat Studio

Tommy's Football Birthday Party-Chocolate Covered Oreos  |  The TomKat Studio

Tommy's Football Birthday Party-Cookies  |  The TomKat Studio

Tommy's Football Birthday Party-Banner  |  The TomKat Studio

Tommy's Football Birthday Party-Party Decor  |  The TomKat Studio

Tommy's Football Birthday Party-Birthday Cake  |  The TomKat Studio

Tommy's Football Birthday Party-Party Favors  |  The TomKat Studio

Tommy's Football Birthday Party-Tommy  |  The TomKat Studio

Happy 8th Birthday, Tommy!

football party supplies

:: shop this party ::

printable party collection :: the tomkat studio shop
cupcake stands, ice cream bowls, lanterns, jute twine, spoons :: the tomkat studio shop
photography :: jessica downey (chandler, arizona)
wood football plaque :: twelve timbers via homegoods
football chocolate covered oreos :: sweeties by kim
football popcorn boxes :: oriental trading
ice cream cake :: baskin robbins

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  1. Tina Dahl 09/03/2013

    Although a trip to the ER was not in your plans, the party still looks like it was so much fun! I love everything about it, especially the fact everyone stuck around to wish him a happy birthday! Such a sweet boy is so deserving of such love and support!!!

    • Kim 09/03/2013

      A birthday to remember! That's for sure! Thank you, Tina!

  2. Andrea Worley 09/03/2013

    What an awesome party! I love the rustic/modern look. So many fun details, and that's the sweetest story about your friends and family sticking around. Make parties all the more special when you have great friends to share them with.

    • Kim 09/03/2013

      I completely agree, Andrea! We are so lucky to have an amazing group of friends!

  3. Mindy 09/03/2013

    oh my goodness how scary! Glad he had a warm welcome back home

    • Kim 09/03/2013

      Thank you, Mindy!

  4. Michelle 09/03/2013

    Beautifully done, as always!! Love the football popcorn!

    • Kim 09/03/2013

      Thank you, Michelle!

  5. Becky 09/03/2013

    I love it Kim!!!! Where did you get that cute stand that the popcorn boxes are in? It's adorable!

    • Kim 09/04/2013

      Hi Becky,
      I ordered it on Zulily, but it is no longer available there. :( I will keep my eye out though and post if I see it again.

  6. Jamie Dawson 09/03/2013

    What a fabulous party! The colors are perfect! I too would love to know where the stand is from that the popcorn boxes are in!:)

    • Kim 09/04/2013

      Thank you, Jamie! I ordered the stand on Zulily, but it is no longer available. I will keep my eye out though and post if I see it again.

  7. Wendy 09/03/2013

    So very cute! Your boy is adorable. You are so lucky Kim! xoxo

    • Kim 09/04/2013

      Thank you, Wendy. He is the sweetest. :)

  8. Kathryn 09/03/2013

    The ER visit parties are always a hit. Been there, done that. Glad you got to celebrate! What an awesome setup.

    • Kim 09/04/2013

      Thank you, Kathryn! Such an unexpected turn of events, but everything turned out okay! :)

  9. Aly 09/03/2013

    I would also love to know where you got the popcorn stand. It'd be perfect for our movie room snacks! Great colors with grass green and brown. Love something other than blue for boys!

    • Kim 09/04/2013

      Thank you, Aly! I ordered on Zulily but it isn't available right now. If I see it again, I will post! I love it!

  10. Jessica | Pen N' Paperflowers 09/04/2013

    It turned out picture-perfect Kim - despite the trip to the ER! What a fabulous group of friends and family to have decided to stay and surprise him (and you) on your return home!!

  11. Theresa edison 09/04/2013

    I am trying to find this in your shop to print, but I can not locate. HELP :)

    • Greice 02/09/2015

      Me toooo

  12. Elizabeth 09/04/2013

    Cool party! Everything looks so nice!

  13. Sam 09/06/2013

    Love this idea

  14. Angie R. 09/08/2013

    What a unique take on a sports-themed party, love it! Can you tell me where you found the green, grass-looking garland that is lining the table and mantle? Thanks!

  15. Deanna Heiliger 09/09/2013

    You are so very talented...I love the theme...great job! :)

  16. Tracee 09/09/2013

    What a great party! and a good way to end it. Can you tell me where you got the grass mats? Have been searching for awhile and can't seem to find ones without flowers on them. Thanks!

  17. Maggie 09/10/2013

    Love the football party theme! The colors look amazing and the football grass garland is the perfect touch. We are huge fans!

  18. Jana Maciag 09/12/2013

    Beautiful party, as always!!

  19. Sky Croswell 09/16/2013

    I love this theme, it's so nice to see more boy-themed parties - great job - love those popcorn boxes too! :)

  20. Maggie 09/25/2013

    So sorry your little boy got hurt. I know all about that with two boys of my own. Such a sweet group of family and friends to wait for your return. I am so excited you planned a football theme! My little boy wants a football party and I love the colors! I was wondering what your advice would be on decorating the tables that family and friends sit at? I usually put 3 tables in a long row and I was wondering what color of table covers to use. Brown table covers with green plates or vice versa. Would love any suggestions? Thank you for posting little boy parties!

    • missy422 12/22/2013

      If you look closely at the bottom right hand corner of the tenth photo, you'll see that there were green (paper?) plates and brown napkins.

      Hope this helps!

  21. Britany 01/22/2014

    I am also looking for the football theme printables in your shop and can't find them :( This party is adorable! I would love to have the printables for my sons birthday in a few weeks!

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