How to Create Your Own Custom Logo Artwork :: Tutorial

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In case you missed my post this weekend, I shared the custom canvases I designed for my latest Shutterfly projects. Now, I'm going to show you how to create your own, using a free photo program and fonts! Are you excited? I'm a little nervous about teaching this, so my fingers are crossed that I do a good job and this step-by-step tutorial is easy for you to follow. Please let me know! Here we go...

How to Create a Custom Circle Logo for a 16" x 16" Canvas

Step #1: Download Picasa (free)

I have been using Picasa for years and years, even in my real estate days. Until a couple months ago, it was the only photo program that I used. (Now, I'm using Lightroom, too. Thanks to my girl, Rennai Hoefer) I still do quick editing, make collages and add fonts/words to my photos using Picasa.

picasa google

Step #2: Download the Circle Graphics

I created this circle graphic with a gray linen background in both black and white. Download whichever you prefer and save somewhere on your computer where you can find it. Please note this is formatted with extra border space for a 16" x 16" canvas so it can wrap around the sides of the canvas. It may work on a smaller square canvas as well, but I have only used it on the 16" x 16" Shutterfly canvas. Download the black circle graphic | Download the white circle graphic (these links will download the zip file, right click on the jpeg file and select copy, then paste in a folder where you can find it)

Circle Templates JPEG

Step #3: Open Picasa on your computer

Open Picasa on your computer and find your circle graphic in the left column folders. Click on the file name to open. Then select: File, Save a Copy. This way you are saving the blank original circle graphic in case you want to make another one later.

Fullscreen capture 942013 123542 PM

Step #4: Add text, change font, change text colors

Click on the TEXT function in the left column. Type one of the words or phrases you would like to use on the logo.

Fullscreen capture 942013 123542 PM-001

Choose the font color (white is best on black obviously) and font style. For my logo, I used Wisdom Script, Futura and 58 Rodeo (all free fonts). If you want to use the same fonts that I used, you will want to download them and add them to your font file on your computer so that they will show up in your font list on the left column.

Fullscreen capture 942013 123859 PM

Step #5: Resize and move text.

Click on the text you are working on. Click on the little red dot on the right side of the circle and this will allow you to adjust the size. (and rotate for other projects) Adjust the size to what you think looks and fits well, but don't worry because you can continue adjusting the size and placement as you add more words and graphics to your logo. Click on the gray border of the text to move the text to the desired location.

Fullscreen capture 942013 12831 PM

Repeat, adding all text.

Fullscreen capture 942013 13440 PM

Step #6: Add embellishments

You can add graphics like the heart shown below and the deer silhouette shown on my canvas by searching for free dingbat fonts online. Just search for the object you are looking for, ie. "free heart dingbat font" and download font just like any other font. Add the dingbats to your logo just like you would add text. You can create a line (as shown under "Ashton") by using a basic font like Times New Roman and typing the underscore button repeatedly until the desired length of the line.

Fullscreen capture 942013 14025 PM

black circle for16x16 canvas

Step #7: Save and upload.

Save your file. Visit Shutterfly and select Canvas Prints. Then select Photo Gallery Canvas Print.  Choose the 16" x 16" size. Click Personalize and upload your saved graphic file you just created.

Fullscreen capture 942013 14733 PM

Easy enough, right? 

I would love your feedback!

Please let me know if you enjoyed this tutorial and if you would like me to post more tutorials like this!

xoxo, kim



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  2. Andrea Worley


    This is great! I love how you made them custom for your home with dates and your names

    ps- I would love to see more tutorials from you!

    Reply 1 reply
    • Kim


      Thank you, Andrea!

  3. Tina


    I have never used Picasa but this seems easy enough! I would probably just create my file in Photoshop then upload to Shutterfly since I am used to using it but I thought your tutorial was VERY easy to understand! Great job, as always Kim :)

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    • Kim


      Absolutely!! I tried to learn Photoshop once and didn't have the patience! :) I stick to the basics. I'm jealous of the professionals, like you!

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  5. Amanda


    I would LOVE to do this... any chance you would know how to do it in photoshop?? Is that even an option? Its just so adorable! :)

    Reply 2 replies
  6. Kate Landers


    Kim, I love this. One of my favorite posts you have done. I am encouraged to try something new, and your tutorial looks great...when I follow it step by step I will let you know if I run into any snags...sure I won't! xoxo

    Reply 1 reply
    • Kim


      Thank you for your sweet words, Kate! I'm so glad you like the tutorial. I have thought about sharing more ideas/tips like this this and your comment encourages me to do so! Let me know how it turns out for you!

  7. cristina


    OK, I just Did it !!!!! The most time consuming part was getting the hang of Picasa (I had never used it before), and learning how to download and install dingbats (had never done that before either)....but I did IT ! and it looks ADORABLE ! I can't wait to put it up in my kitchen...i'm sure it will be a conversation piece !! Your instructions were perfect! THANKS !!!

    Reply 1 reply
    • Kim


      Hi Cristina! I'm so HAPPY to hear that you gave it a try and that it turned out adorable! I would love to see it in your kitchen when it arrives. Send me a photo please!

  8. jo-anne


    Thanks for sharing! I was actually thinging of changing my logo.

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  9. Misha


    Hi Kim,
    This was certainly a great project that I will definitely have to try. I was noticing you were saying that you don't use photoshop? If you don't use Photoshop then do you design all your printables on Picasso? If so, that is quite impressive!! Your printables are always so fabulous!
    Definitely do more tutorials!!

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  11. Brandy


    My goodness! I have been using Picasa for about a year now to edit and crop my product photos. I had no clue I could us it to create my logo!!
    AWESOME! Thankyou

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  12. Jane Hurtig


    Love the tutorial. Very easy to understand. Do more.

    Another thought, perhaps you can offer your custom design service for a Family Logo, such as this, to where you just sell the customer the jpg that you designed. Like Semi-Homemade :0) Then the customer can upload it to Shutterfly and purchase themselves on whatever medium they chose. Or multiple mediums. Like custom family monograms. I'd be happy to be your first customer :)

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  14. jamesmorrison


    This is great! I am using Picasa but this seems easy enough! If you don't use Photoshop then do your logo design all your Picasso on printables?

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  15. mirhussain


    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful tips. I was searching kind this of stuff to get the idea to design my company logo. I have add you blog in my list to get more quality blog like this.

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