Family Organizing Tip Featured in Parents Magazine

binder-1 (Parents Magazine) recently asked me to share a tip on how I keep my family organized. I immediately thought of all of the school work and artwork that the kids bring home and shared this tip:

Book It! As parents, we all know that guilty feeling when we sneak our children's school work into the trash. I am always very careful about doing this and always make sure it is deep down and covered so I don't get found out! I never want to hear the words, "Mom! You threw away my hard work?!". Well, you know and I know that we can't possibly keep every little paper our sweet children bring home. So, here's an easy solution....3-ring binders! Find a large binder (something cute that you will like to look at over the years) to keep only your/your child's favorite work in. You can add dividers for each school year and if you run out of space, either narrow down your selections or add another binder. You can hole punch the actual artwork or use sheet protectors to protect the original work. Be sure all page are trimmed down to fit inside the binder to prevent messy edges. The end result will be a organized book that you and your child will treasure forever!



See my tip featured here, along with 10 additional tips from other fabulous bloggers!

I found my binders by Greenroom at Target but it was a couple years ago. Here are some similar.

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