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2014 printable calendar monthly tomkat studio's here! Our free printable 2014 calendar! I apologize for the delay. I have been receiving email after email asking where the new calendar is, so even though I am on vacation, I decided I'd better whip one up so you can all get started on your 2014 planning!  I kept it simple for 2014, with the same monthly format, cute fonts and a simple black and white design. (You don't even need a color printer to print!) I really love how much you love my calendars and was so excited to see that last year's design was downloaded over 700,000 times!

Cheers to an AMAZING 2014! 

Download our 2014 Printable Calendar

PS. If you loved the colorful version from last year, hang tight as I will create a color version of this when I am back at my desk!

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  1. Barbara Friedman 01/01/2014

    I loved your colored calendar which I printed and used in November and December '13. Can't wait for the color version of 2014! Found one elsewhere , not as nice as yours, and realized they had forgotten to enter the names of the days! Your calendar is quite elegant and simple.
    I'm using tacks on my cork board to hang it. Can you suggest how to bind it or otherwise hang it so I can easily access the months to enter reservations etc.?

  2. Stephahie 01/01/2014

    Have been using this for a few years now thanks for making it yet again. Enjoy your vacation!

  3. Johnna Brunenkant 01/01/2014

    Thank you so much for making and sharing them. They are the best ones around! Blessings for the new year!

  4. Laura 01/02/2014

    I can't wait for the colered one!
    Best wishes from Brazil and Happy 2014! :)

  5. Claudia 01/02/2014

    Can't wait for the color version, either!

  6. Trisha 01/02/2014

    Oh, I was hoping you would do this again this year! Thank you so much. I have to say that I love the colored version--it's such a great jolt of "happy" for the day, but this black and white one is wonderful, too. Thank you again for being so generous!

  7. tina 01/02/2014

    Just wanted to say that I've searched for various calendars around the web and none compare to yours! I stumbled upon your colorful one last year and was beyond ecstatic to find this version for '14. Color is beautiful, but B/W is so much more printer friendly. :D Thank you for making these and making them free for all! :)

  8. Emily 01/03/2014

    I found your calendar last year in a random Google search looking for a nice already-created calendar that I could print out. This year I went back to you first for a new one! Lucky me, you do it every year!!

  9. Marijke 01/03/2014

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this calendar! So great! Thanks Kim!

  10. Erika 01/03/2014

    LOVE IT and I use it all the time!!! Can't wait for the color version! Thanks

  11. Maria 01/03/2014

    No pressure....but looking forward to the color version LOL. I agree this makes my bill paying not so painful by looking at happy colors on a wonderful calendar :-).
    Enjoy your holiday!

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  14. Sara 01/05/2014

    Thank you for posting this! This is my third year printing your calendars for my meal planning. They are always so cute and just perfect for how I plan meals. Thank you for making them free, putting them all in one document (so it prints quickly), and for just being awesome! :)

  15. Allison Gann 01/06/2014

    Thank you so much for making these. I love using them at work.

  16. Pam 01/07/2014

    Do you mind sharing the fonts you used?! I would like to add a notes page with these and bind them. We all know matching fonts make things prettier ;)

  17. Moises 01/08/2014

    Thanks for the calender, I looked everywhere for one that was well designed and wasn't feminine. I downloaded the black and white, and I am ready to put it to use.

    • Kim 01/16/2014

      Wonderful, I'm so glad you like my design!

  18. Tracy Smith 01/16/2014

    Wow! What happened to your pretty colored 2014 calendar? This one is nice, but so boring in B&W.

  19. Liz 02/03/2014

    love these! thanks for sharing!

  20. Angelo V Billiris 02/15/2014

    Kimmy -
    Thanks for the calendar ... it is just the one / kind I have been looking for, far and wide. Take care and have a wonderful year ...... life !!!
    BTW, you are so cute ... sorry, couldn't resist, even if I am 73, I still admire exceptional feminine pulchritude.

  21. Stephanie 06/23/2014

    When will you have a 2015 calendar available?

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  23. Jodi 12/22/2014

    Can't wait until you post the 2015 ones. I keep checking! Loved my 2014 calendars!!

  24. heather bro 12/28/2014

    Hi, i loved the 2014 calendar, will you be doing a 2015?

  25. Sue 06/30/2015

    Where is the 2015 calendar?


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