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I finally worked on my Free Printable 2013 Calendar last night! I have had so many requests asking if I would be designing a new one for 2013 and and always said, “of course”….but it was just a matter of finding time! Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve created and used this type of calendar forever (like 20 years, seriously). While I still use good old Microsoft Publisher to create, I think my design style and fonts have come a long way! I’m sure my early versions used fonts like Curlz and Comic Sans (blaah!). I love to see a month ahead at a glance and put the major events on this calendar. It hangs on the bulletin board of my home office armoire and I refer to it daily. Whether you already use my calendars or are downloading for the first time, I hope you like the design and can put it to good use! Enjoy! 

2013 Full Page Calendar – TomKat Studio

Click here to download!
Happy Planning!

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  1. 57

    barbie says

    Trying to get my life back on track and this is the perfect calendar ever i love itt so cloroful and creative deff needed this big props :)

    • 59

      JennyM says

      Scribd is a peculiar creature – one day it is blocked, the next it works, then it is blocked again!

      Thank you – I did managed to download!

  2. 65

    Mary in MN says

    Hi Kim,
    I’m new to your blog and LOVE your calendar printables! I have a question, is there any way to get this in a .jpg format so I can import it into my Creative Memories software program, then resize it to a 8×8? Thanks for letting me know :). Blessings!

  3. 66


    HI there I shared you calendar on my page with your link back to it. I think it’ll be a great activity for kids and parents to do together. Plus the colorful monthly titles make it unisex and compatible with any decor! Thanks

  4. 67


    Thanks for the calendar! I was able to download and print. It was the format I needed & I didn’t have to jump through hoops to download it like other sites.

  5. 69


    You are simply brilliant!! Your hard work shows!! I’m working on my own printables as well! I am going to tell everyone where I got this printable! Thanks!!

  6. 70

    paige says

    I just wanted to say I love your calender it is gonna make life a little easier for our family with 3 kids 2 -9yr olds
    an a 17yr old an i just started college to be a M.A. an kids will be playing soccer. So thank you again because this will help us all stay on track an remember everything we need to do.

  7. 71

    Linda says

    I discovered your shop last week (to my delight) and pulled up your link when surfing the web for a 2013 monthly printable calendar. Thank you so much, Kim, for creating and sharing such a cheerful calendar – you made my day!

  8. 72

    Rachel says

    Hello! I’ve just been looking online for a printable calendar, in order to keep a Headache Diary (doctor’s orders). Yours is so cheery! It will make the task that bit brighter.

    I do love calendars that group Saturday and Sunday together at the end of the week, though – it kind of makes sense in my mind, althoug it is not traditional. Would you ever consider laying out a calendar that way?

    Many thanks again for a bit of beauty and colour offered so generously!

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