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I finally worked on my Free Printable 2013 Calendar last night! I have had so many requests asking if I would be designing a new one for 2013 and and always said, “of course”….but it was just a matter of finding time! Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve created and used this type of calendar forever (like 20 years, seriously). While I still use good old Microsoft Publisher to create, I think my design style and fonts have come a long way! I’m sure my early versions used fonts like Curlz and Comic Sans (blaah!). I love to see a month ahead at a glance and put the major events on this calendar. It hangs on the bulletin board of my home office armoire and I refer to it daily. Whether you already use my calendars or are downloading for the first time, I hope you like the design and can put it to good use! Enjoy! 

2013 Full Page Calendar – TomKat Studio

Click here to download!
Happy Planning!

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  1. 4

    Christine says

    Thank you so much!! I used your 2012 one this year.. it was fantastic! I got so excited when I saw your post in my news feed :) thanks for another pretty calendar! :)

  2. 10

    Tina Dahl says

    Curlz and Comic Sans…..LOL….we have all been there, used those :) Beautiful and cheerful calendars Kim…can’t wait to use these. Thanks so much :)

  3. 20

    Emma says

    I’m new to your page (randomly found you when I searched for “2013 printable calendar”) & I am IN LOVE with this calendar… unfortunately, when I clicked on the link, it won’t load :( Any thoughts? Keep up the great work! <3

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