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I finally worked on my Free Printable 2013 Calendar last night! I have had so many requests asking if I would be designing a new one for 2013 and and always said, “of course”….but it was just a matter of finding time! Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve created and used this type of calendar forever (like 20 years, seriously). While I still use good old Microsoft Publisher to create, I think my design style and fonts have come a long way! I’m sure my early versions used fonts like Curlz and Comic Sans (blaah!). I love to see a month ahead at a glance and put the major events on this calendar. It hangs on the bulletin board of my home office armoire and I refer to it daily. Whether you already use my calendars or are downloading for the first time, I hope you like the design and can put it to good use! Enjoy! 

2013 Full Page Calendar – TomKat Studio

Click here to download!
Happy Planning!

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  1. 4

    Christine says

    Thank you so much!! I used your 2012 one this year.. it was fantastic! I got so excited when I saw your post in my news feed :) thanks for another pretty calendar! :)

  2. 10

    Tina Dahl says

    Curlz and Comic Sans…..LOL….we have all been there, used those :) Beautiful and cheerful calendars Kim…can’t wait to use these. Thanks so much :)

  3. 20

    Emma says

    I’m new to your page (randomly found you when I searched for “2013 printable calendar”) & I am IN LOVE with this calendar… unfortunately, when I clicked on the link, it won’t load :( Any thoughts? Keep up the great work! <3

  4. 26


    Thanks so much! I was about to head to Target to buy a calendar and remembered I pinned yours. I am printing it out now. I love the bold design & rainbow letters!

    • 28

      Julie W says

      I just went to print and see that the smaller one has a diff design, so I guess it isn’t yours. Bummer, I love your design and use of color. I’ll just have to make room on my desk for your full page calendar! :) (the smaller one is adorable too)

  5. 35


    Thanks Kim! Love this! Came across the link to your calendar on another site. They had others listed but yours was the most appealing. I love the cheery colors, to me they are a reflection of a bright and cheery hopeful happy new year ahead!

    Thanks again and Happy New Year!

  6. 36

    Luis says

    These are beautiful! I used last years calendar and it was great. I use printed calendars a lot, I like to write things down and share calendars with others. Most of the time I use your calendar, sometimes though for convenience I use since it let’s me customize, add notes, and print right from my browser, I’d love to be able to do that with your calendar.

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