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Hosting a Bridal Shower soon? We recently came up with a few fabulous game ideas for our friends at DIY Network! With our printable designs and a few basic supplies, you'll have plenty of ways to keep guests busy. From bridal bingo to romantic movie quotes, just download and print our templates to get started!


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Visit our Bridal Shower Games feature on DIY Network to download the printable files and instructions!

We have had lot of readers ask for the answers for the movie quotes, so here they are:

1. New Moon

2. Notting Hill

3. City of Angels

4. The Notebook

5. Dirty Dancing

6. Say Anything

7. Jerry Maguire


 photos by rennai hoefer, ten22studio

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  1. Bri Holloway


    These are great! Love em!

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  2. Joanna M.


    This is too fun! I love the Jenga idea and may need to use that soon just to try it out.

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  3. Kaity


    Is there an editable version of the movie quotes sheet? I'd love to swap out some of the quotes for some I think my group is more likely to get!

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    • Kim


      Hi Kaity! I apologize, but we do not have an editable version available.

  4. Kim


    These are GREAT! Thank You

    Do you have an answer sheet for the movie quote quiz?

    Thanks again,

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    • Debbie


      also looking for the answers to the movie quote quiz, and the are they married or not quiz

  5. Lisa Harris


    Did anyone find or get a response regarding the answer sheet ?

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  6. Karen T. Rogers


    You have some awesome wedding games. Where are the answers for that Movie Trivia. I wrote to DYII and they said that there were others looking for them to. Please post them to this site for others too. Thanks, Karen

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    • Kim Volk


      Movie Trivia - So glad we have Bing and Google to search the answers. Here they are! If I found the actor whose line it was I noted it in "( )".
      1. The Twilight Saga - New Moon
      2. Nothing Hill (Julie Roberts)
      3. City of Angels
      4. The Notebook (Ryan Gosling)
      5. Dirty Dancing
      6. Say Anything (John Cusack)
      7. Jerry Maquire (Renee Zellweger)

  7. Jennifer


    Thank you for posting these! I'm using them for a couples shower and they are perfect!

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  8. Beth


    I may be overlooking it..... where are the answers to the movie quote game? BTW it is awesome :)

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  9. Beth


    Nevermind.... thanks Kim

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  10. Sophie



    I can't download the printables from the DIY website. Are they still available?


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