Cricut Explore Launch + My Cricut Adventure!

anna griffin

It's official friends, the Cricut Explore is here! The first available machines will be available on HSN tonight at 10pm MST/midnight EST. My sweet new friend, Anna Griffin will be hosting the launch and including some fabulous extras during the sale! Don't miss your first chance to own the Cricut Explore! I have loved working with Cricut over the past six months, as part of a small beta designer group. It has been such an amazing experience to get to know the Cricut team as well as the fellow creative designers. The events and meetings that I have attended have been nothing short of fabulous. I truly believe in this brand, its vision and its incredibly inspiring CEO, Ashish Aurora. The machine is just the beginning....there is so much more to come! I can't wait to share what we've been working on, but in the meantime...

Don't miss the Cricut Explore on HSN

phone photos

1: me + ashish + a big green guy  |  2: my cricut explore  |  3: cricut beta designers  |  4: cricut loves us  |  5: my first cut on the cricut explore  |  6: mandi + me  |  7: ashish + me + mallie  |  8: gabby + me  |
9: tommy + kate love cricut  |  10: excited me  |  11: anna + me  |  12: ariana + me + our chauffeur

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