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Hello friends! Thank you so much for all of the positive feedback on our vacation home remodel! I am so thrilled to finally share all the photos and details with you and I sincerely appreciate your comments on yesterday's post! I am going to share details room by room as I know many have you have asked for sources. Let's start with the dining room, one of my favorite spots in the house. Take a look at the before and after photos...

BEFORE Photos - Previous Owner

One of my best finds was this table at World Market. I had my eye on it up in Flagstaff but was waiting until the house was further along to purchase it (and hoping it would go on sale!). Well, I was at my local World Market one day and spotted it with a clearance sign on it (50% off!). There was a cosmetic issue with the current batch of this set and so they were clearing it out. However, all my store had was the floor sample and they wouldn't sell it to me. I ended up being across town later in the day for something else and ironically drove by another World Market that I didn't even know was there. I called in and asked if they had any of the Francine collection left and they had one table left....score! I ended up finding two of the matching chairs at the Flagstaff store and decided to mix in the bronze metal bucket chairs.


One of the hardest decisions I had to make was choosing a dining room light fixture. I was so stressed over it because it is such a focal point in the house. You can see it from the kitchen and the family room. It was hard to decide without seeing how the table would look in the space first. These were the four I was considering.


1: ballard designs arturo  |  2: ballard designs eldridge | 3: pottery barn napa wine barrel  |
pottery barn greenhouse


I decided on the Ballard Designs Eldridge Chandelier and absolutely love it!

dining_breakfast bar-001

I think the best idea we came up with for this remodel was opening up the kitchen and extending the breakfast bar. We basically had the wall removed and moved the refrigerator and cabinet to the adjacent wall. By doing this, we took out the random cabinet in the breakfast bar area, which was awkward anyway. We were able to create a nice, long breakfast bar and open the view to the kitchen from the family room and dining room. I'm so happy with the new layout!


Here are the sources for everything shown in these photos. Let me know if I missed something!

::sources ::

paint :: dunn edwards birchwood
tile flooring :: home depot
white ice granite :: arizona tile
francine table + chairs :: world market
metal tub chairs :: world market
dining room light fixture :: ballard designs
pendant light fixtures :: pottery barn
clock :: joss + main
wood + metal cart :: gilt
bar stools :: homegoods
gray drapes :: target

photos by rennai hoefer, ten22 studio

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  1. Andrea Worley 02/20/2014

    Beautiful space! Live the dining table and that light from Ballard is amazing!

  2. Our Vacation Home in Flagstaff | The TomKat Studio 02/20/2014

    […] View details and sources for dining room […]

  3. Natalie 02/20/2014

    I just love this space so much! Could you tell me if the pottery barn lights are the large or small ones? Love all the lighting you picked!

    • Kim 04/02/2014

      Hi Natalie! They are the small 9" lights!

  4. jeanna Pfeiffer 02/20/2014

    Love this remodel! PLEASE post details on every room...

  5. Joy 02/20/2014

    I noticed all your small tins with boxwood in them that you have all over the house. Where did you end up purchasing them?

    • Kim 04/02/2014

      I found them at HomeGoods!

  6. Josephine newton 02/20/2014

    Everything is just beautiful. So happy for you guys!
    What a wonderful retreat!!

  7. Jennifer S 02/20/2014


  8. Kiley 02/21/2014

    Please let me know what your tile from Home Depot was called. Love this!

    • Kiley 02/21/2014

      Sorry... I got it.

  9. Amanda 02/24/2014

    PLEEEAASSEE come make-over my new home as beautifully as you've done this!!!!

  10. Carrie 02/24/2014

    Looks amazing! So happy for you!

  11. Kari @ the Sweetest Memory 02/27/2014

    Lovely remodel! The light fixture over your dining table is amazing. Thanks for sharing the source! Kari

  12. JENNIFER 04/01/2014

    Awesome design selections, everything looks amazing! Huge fan of your kitchen..I am in the process of refinishing my kitchen cabinets and was curious what color you chose? Also, did you paint the ceiling beams or refinish them with wood?

    • Kim 04/02/2014

      Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for your sweet words. We kept the cabinet fronts as is, but then had the boxes and crown moulding re-painted to match. Our contractor created three sided "boxes" to go over the existing beams and stained them before installing....such a huge impact!

  13. jessica 05/14/2014

    What color did you use for grouting the tile? Thanks!

    • Kim 07/31/2014

      Hi Jessica, we used a really dark brown, but for some reason it appears lighter than it should. (dust from remodel, I assume) We are going to have it cleaned in the hopes it stays darker!

  14. Stephanie 06/25/2014

    Where did you get that S by the kitchen table?

    • Kim 06/27/2014

      The "S" was from HomeGoods!

  15. Kim 07/30/2014

    I am absolutely in love with the kitchen. We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen and I am set on the Eldridge chandelier. It looks like your ceiling is vaulted where you hung it. Mine is too but ballard is telling me I can't hang it on a sloped ceiling. Is it possible?

    • Michelle 03/14/2015

      Beautiful home ! I came across this while on a google search to see if the ballard Eldridge chandelier could be hung on a vaulted ceiling ..
      I am al least going to give it a shot now seeing as how it looks in your home.. I am going to hang it over our pool table, the ceiling is slightly vaulted.. I hope it works ! Thanks for sharing !

    • Kim 07/31/2014

      Hi Kim!
      I didn't even think about the fact that the ceiling is vaulted when I ordered that chandelier! Lucky for me, my contractor said the bars have like a swivel at the end where they meet the rectangular base, so it worked perfectly!

  16. Sheena 04/08/2015


    Love your home and everything about it! We have very similar styles so its been incredible to see my dream home fleshed out! We are looking to install wood tile flooring and I was wondering about your floors, speciifically grout and pattern. What pattern did you use to install? How did you decide the placement of tiles (horizontal or vertical)? What grout spacing did you use? Your grout looks very light but you mentioned it was dark brown - did it ever darken? How has the grout worn in high traffic areas? Now that it's been some time, is there anything you would do differently?

  17. Kristin 04/27/2015

    I absolutely love your kitchen! We are starting our remodel, and having a hard time figuring out how to add a narrow breakfast bar. I love how yours turned out. It is hard to tell from the pictures, is the bottom just drywall, or what is on the kitchen side of the base (is it cabinets, drawers, or just a wall) Thanks!

    • Kim 04/29/2015

      The kitchen side is cabinets and drawers!

  18. Amanda 06/03/2015

    Love the breakfast bar! Any issue opening the refrigerator? Hard to tell the space since there are no pics from another angle. If you have any pics from the other side, that would be great!

  19. Kristin 06/18/2015

    Do you by chance have a picture of the peninsula from the other side, or know the width of the cabinet? It really is my perfect kitchen!

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