Our Vacation Home in Flagstaff...

Flagstaff Vacation Home | Designed by Kim Stoegbauer, The TomKat Studio

I am so excited to finally show you the end results of the full remodel of our new vacation home in Flagstaff! We bought the house this past summer while we were on our annual family trip. We closed in August and the remodel was officially complete by November so that we could host our family for Thanksgiving. It has always been a dream of ours to own a home up North to be able to get out of the heat in the summer, and visit the snow in the winter. We poured a lot of time and a lot of love into this project. We had so much fun choosing everything from flooring to counter tops, to faucets and furniture! I have so many photos to share with you, including before and afters so I'll start with my favorite photos and then post about specific projects and sources later this week! 








living room 2


master 3










A big thank you to several brands who sponsored specific projects during our remodel and decorating process, including Lowe's, Coronado Stone and Pottery Barn Kids!

More details and posts: 

Our Flagstaff home is available for vacation rental on VRBO: http://www.vrbo.com/568554

photos by rennai hoefer, ten22 studio

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  1. Risa Avila 02/03/2015

    Did you make the bunk beds?

    • Kim 03/22/2015

      Hi Risa,
      I found a local guy on Craig's List who made the custom bunk beds!

  2. Jayme Taylor 02/04/2015

    Do you mind sharing where the bunk beds are from?!?! :) I LOVE THEM!

    • Kim 03/22/2015

      Hi Jayme!

      Are you in the Phoenix area?

      If so, I can look up the local company I used for the custom bunk beds for you!


  3. Marion 02/21/2015

    Hate to repeat already asked questions,but where did you find the Beautiful gray Tressel rug?

  4. Skyler 02/26/2015

    I'm looking for those exact bunk beds. They're perfect! Source? Thank you for sharing!

    • Kim 03/22/2015

      Hi Skyler,
      I had them built by a local company that I found on Craig's List. If you are in the Phoenix area, email me and I'll send you the info!

  5. amanda 03/19/2015

    where did the curtains come from? LOVVVVEE!!

    • amanda 03/19/2015

      the grey linen ones?

  6. Karlie 04/02/2015

    Hi, I absolutely love your house! I was wondering where you got the dining/kitchen dining table in the first photo from? Its such a great color!!
    Also in the bedroom with the 2 double beds the bedding is gorgeous, where is that from?

    Thank you.

    • Kim - The TomKat Studio 04/03/2015

      Hi Karlie!
      You can find the table here: http://rstyle.me/n/fncwnmt7w and it is on sale right now!
      The gray bedding is from Ikea!

  7. Jenni 04/09/2015

    Gorgeous home! Do you mind sharing where the pendant light behind the fireplace was purchased?

    Thanks so much!

  8. Kate Whited 04/11/2015

    Love this style - great work! We are doing a full house remodel, and I'm wanting to find that exact kitchen sink - do you recall make, model, material? Thank you!!

  9. Joanna 04/18/2015

    Where is the black sofa from?

  10. Nikky 05/08/2015

    Hi, Love the countertops! Are they 3cm and what edge style did you choose? Thanks!

  11. Al 05/09/2015

    Where did you find the rug in what looks like the master bedroom?

  12. Kaitlyn 05/25/2015

    Where is the brown leather sofa/sectional from? Love everything you did!

  13. Ashley 06/04/2015

    Love the bathroom countertops. What are they? Beautiful home!!

  14. Aubrey Kinch 06/16/2015

    This is so beautiful! I just found your remodel on Pinterest last night and so excited I did! Not only for ideas on our new home but also because we're booking a BIG family getaway in September up north (we're in Peoria) and Flag was a location we were interested in!

    Any chance you would consider a 2 night stay versus 3? I'd love to chat more if possible!
    ([email protected])


  15. Kristina 06/17/2015

    You've done an amazing job putting everything together. I love you custom-made bunk beds. Could you please share what kind of wood it's made of and what kind of stain you applied on this bunk bed? I would love to replicate it for our boys. Thank you!

  16. Jennifer Davis 06/22/2015

    Hi There,

    Could you tell me where your grain sack linen pillows are from that are on your sofa?

    Thank you!

  17. Shelley @ Calypso in the Country 06/23/2015

    Love your home! I am especially happy to see that you used White Ice Granite which is one I am considering. I was worried that it would look too cold with my white cabinets but yours looks so warm and welcoming!

  18. Kristen 07/05/2015

    I'm dying over that leather sofa! Is it actually brown or black? I see that it's from Ashley. It when I look on the website, I can't find that one. Any idea what the model name was?

  19. Jennifer Ely 07/18/2015

    Your second home is so beautiful. We are looking to purchase a beach house property in the next couple of months so I'm trying to get all my ideas together and your post was most helpful. I'm sure you're really enjoying your property.

  20. Bridget 07/27/2015

    I would love to stay at your home! What's the VRBO number?

  21. ashley 07/27/2015

    Love the countertop in the bathroom! Are they white ice granite as well?

    • Kim 07/28/2015


  22. Taylor 07/30/2015

    Hi Kim,

    I have to say your home as been my style inspiration for my upcoming bathroom remodel. Your bathroom slabs is exactly the colors and stone in am looking for. Would you happen to know the granite/ stone name; I.E. Colonial gold, feldspar white, juperana delicatus? Is the bathroom the same as the kitchen?

  23. Katy 08/14/2015

    Love your home!

    I'm about to buy the flooring, but was wondering what color grout your used.


  24. Ags411 01/04/2016

    Your house is amazing! My husband and I just moved to Arizona and would love to decorate in a similar style. My question to you is where did you get the accessories for the bathroom? I am having a hard time finding such a pretty vanity tray and jar. Also, I was hoping to incorporate some colors: do you have any recommendations? Thank you so much in advance!!

  25. bre2287 02/05/2016

    Wow! That's all I can say! I would love to know where you got the rug in the master bedroom? It's amazing!


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