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Barbie The Pearl Princess Party | The TomKat Studio

We are so excited to share this Barbie pool party we recently styled for Toys "R" USThis party was inspired by the new movie, Barbie™ The Pearl Princess Blu-ray & DVD (Pre-order Now! Available 3/11). Be sure to enter to WIN a copy of the DVD and a Lumina doll at the end of this post! We're giving away 10 sets!

Barbie™ stars as Lumina™, a mermaid who dreams of being a princess.  As long as she can remember, she’s had a magical power that makes pearls dance and glow! Lumina™, and her best friend Kuda, a pink seahorse, embark on an adventure to a majestic mer-kingdom. There, she uses her powers to help her friends prepare for the Royal Ball. Lumina™ then discovers that her magical pearls are the key to unlocking her true destiny and ultimately saving the kingdom.

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Gifts | The TomKat Studio

Barbie™ The Pearl Princess takes place entirely underwater, so what better idea than to host the celebration outdoors for a pool party! Little girls will love this pink, purple and aqua color palette inspired by the colors used most throughout the movie. We designed a collection of free printable Barbie™ The Pearl Princess party designs, including an invitation, cupcake toppers, favor tags, food labels and a happy birthday banner for you to download! You can even add your own text before printing. Sweet treats like clam shell and starfish cookies, embellished cupcakes, white chocolate popcorn and punch are perfect ideas for this poolside birthday party.

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Cupcake Topper | The TomKat Studio

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Cookies | The TomKat Studio

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Cupcake | The TomKat Studio

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Clam Shell Cookie | The TomKat Studio

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Starfish Cookies | The TomKat Studio

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Popcorn | The TomKat Studio

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Beverages | The TomKat Studio

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Guest | The TomKat Studio 

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Boxed Lunches | The TomKat Studio

A great idea for this poolside party is to prepare boxed lunches before the event starts. Add ribbon and customized name tags to the lunch boxes for each party guest. The girls will love seeing their names on the boxes!

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Lunches | The TomKat Studio

The girls will love to play with the new dolls from Barbie™ The Pearl Princess during the party! Lumina™ and her mermaid friends are adorable.

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Guests with Barbies | The TomKat Studio

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Guest | The TomKat Studio

Just like the characters in the movie, the guests can get dolled up during the party. Easily make these pearl strand clips before the party by stringing on wire and attaching to a hair clip.

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Pearl Strand Clips | The TomKat Studio

Speaking of dolled up, have an adult do the girls' nails using this adorable Barbie Nail Art Kit at the party. (available at Toys "R" Us stores)

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Barbie Nail Art Activity | The TomKat Studio

Girls love to play dress-up, so have them take turns trying on Lumina's Pearl Princess Dress. So darling! (available at Toys "R" Us stores)

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Princess Costumes | The TomKat Studio

To keep the girls busy, set up a bracelet making station. Set out bowls of various colors of "pearls" and help them string on to ribbon or twine. The bracelets make a cute keepsake that they can wear out and about.

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Bracelet Making Activity | The TomKat Studio

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Bracelet Beads | The TomKat Studio

Another fun activity is this Barbie Tapeffiti Headband Kit. Washi tape is so popular right now for crafty and this kit comes with everything you need to make seven headbands!

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Headband Making Activity | The TomKat Studio

So much fun!  

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Guests | The TomKat Studio

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Goodies | The TomKat Studio

If you time the party right, you can also set up a showing of the Barbie: The Pearl Princess movie in the backyard, once it gets dark!

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Outdoor Movie | The TomKat Studio

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Dolls | The TomKat Studio

Barbie Pearl Princess Coloring Books and Step into Reading Books are perfect party favors! Tie with ribbon and add a printable "thank you" tag!

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Favors | The TomKat Studio

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Favor Tags | The TomKat Studio

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party | The TomKat Studio

Are you ready to start planning your Barbie: The Princess Pearl party? You can download the printable designs here:

Barbie The Pearl Princess Party Free Printables | The TomKat Studio

 All Barbie products shown are available at Toys "R" Us

Barbie Pearl Princess Giveaway

Enter to WIN a copy of the Barbie™ The Pearl Princess DVD and a Barbie Pearl Princess Feature Lumina Doll! We are giving away a set to 10 lucky winners! 

For easy entry, use the Rafflecopter widget below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

barbie pearl princess pool party

A big thank you to our adorable models and vendors that worked with us to create this party! 

:: credits ::

styling/design | the tomkat studio
party supplies | shop tomkat
photography |  ten22studio
hair/makeup | whippy cake
cookies | lemonbliss bakery


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  1. Ashley Clark


    Barbie is so very popular in my home!! This party is so pretty and amazingly planned (like all parties I see on your site!).
    I love Barbie b/c of the hundreds of hours of creativity that she allows girls to have!!

    Reply 0 replies
  2. Roberta Armstrong


    Barbie is so classic! I love that I played with her and that me daughter is still playing with her today! Adorable party!

    Reply 0 replies
  3. Tina iacurci


    Love barbie as she is able to be anyone she/you want to be in life :)

    Reply 0 replies
  4. Monica


    Can't go wrong with Barbie...gotta love a mermaid. Put them together & wow! Little girls' dream come true!

    Reply 0 replies
  5. Sarah


    Oh my 3 year old daughter absolutely loves Barbie. What a beautiful party idea! Loved this :)

    Reply 0 replies
  6. Marie


    We love Barbie because she is just one girl but has the ability to be whomever she wants and make a big difference. When reading or watching Barbie my daughters get exposed to community members like seeing eye dog trainers, traditional stories like The Princess and the Pauper along with music from several ballets, and Barbie also models qualities of what it means to be a great sister.
    We initially got into the Barbie movies because of Barbie and the pink slippers. This was the theme for my 5 year old's birthday and she adores her Barbie bedding.
    The best part of Barbie in our home, for me, is the connection my girls have by sharing Barbie with a 15 year old girl I mentor. This teen has decided it is time to pass along her Barbie DVD collection and each time she visits our home she gifts us with a new Barbie movie from her collection. Now my girls can look to her as a mentor as they sing the Barbie songs together and play Barbies.
    The way Barbie has the ability to cross generations for 55 years is just awesome to me.

    Reply 0 replies
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  8. Erin


    such a cute party!! I love Barbie because of the hours of creative play she provides. Also LOVE that she shows girls the endless possibilities of the careers they can achieve! Anything is possible!

    Reply 0 replies
  9. Maria Malaveci


    I love Barbie because she brings a smile to my daughters face!

    Reply 0 replies
  10. Sean C


    She's fabulous and makes all the little girls smile!

    Reply 0 replies
  11. Alina


    She allows girls to have a very creative imagination which is all the fun in being a kid.

    Reply 0 replies
  12. Lalita Biacchi


    So so cute- I am going to recreate this for my daughters 5th bday party in May!!

    Reply 0 replies
  13. Apex Tent and Party


    Lovely party idea and pretty details for the girls day out!

    Reply 0 replies
  14. Kirsten


    Great party, I love the detail that was put into this. It looks like it was an amazing party.


    Reply 0 replies
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    Reply 0 replies
  16. NIqui


    Our little one loves Barbie and definitely going to have to do a Pearl Princess party this year.

    The link to the invitations seems to be disabled - is there another link?

    Reply 0 replies
  17. Melissa


    Thank you so much for coming up with these and offering them for FREE!!! My soon to be 5 year old is so excited to have her very own Pearl Princess Barbie party in a few weeks!

    Reply 1 reply
    • Kim - The TomKat Studio


      You're so welcome!

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    Reply 0 replies
  19. MKish


    I'm new at these downloadable printables. I like the idea of the circles on the tumblers. Were these printed on a white sticker sheet?

    Reply 1 reply
  20. Angel


    It impact good morals to the younger generation

    Reply 0 replies
  21. Marta


    Could you tell me where you bought the beads for the necklaces?? What size are they? I would love to do the same for my daughter's birthday :) Thank you!

    Reply 0 replies
  22. Mimi


    Everything about this is completely DARLING!!! Such great inspiration...especially since my 4 year old is SO into Barbie right now (in fact, I believe it is playing in the next room haha)!

    Quick question - I am DYING to know where that darling purple tutu bathing suit is!!!! My little lady would FLIP!


    Reply 1 reply
    • Kim


      The bathing suit was from Target!

  23. Stephanie


    Hi, I would love to organize a barbie party for my daughter too. And this pearl party you posted is just perfect. I just cant open the dropbox files though. "The file you're looking for has been moved or deleted." is the error I'm getting. Is there a possibility that you can post another link or maybe email?

    Reply 1 reply
    • Kim


      Hi Stephanie!
      Thank you so much for letting me know! I just updated all of the links for the printables, so they should work for you now!

  24. Ann Johnson


    If I were to purchase the invitations do you have someone to print them

    Reply 0 replies
  25. Kika


    What a gorgeous party!
    Were did you purchase the pearl beads? The colors are Elysian-heavenly.
    Thank you for sharing your talents and ideas.

    Reply 1 reply
    • Jenny


      What a beautiful party! Can you please tell us where you bought the beads? My daughter has a birthday this month and I would really love to do this! Thanks so much!

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