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Hello friends! You may have seen my first remodeling post about our Flagstaff vacation home, but if you missed it, you can read it here! I promised that I would share more details room-by-room along with all of my sources and today I am back to share the kitchen details. When we looked at this house as a possible purchase, we knew this kitchen had so much potential! We had a few ideas for opening it up, including relocating the refrigerator to the opposite wall to allow us to open up the room to the dining room and family room and to create a large breakfast bar. We lost some cabinet space by doing this, but it isn't an issue because this is our vacation home, which means much less "stuff" to store! While I'm obsessed with white kitchens, I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to keep the cabinets. First because the house is in the pines, I wanted to be sure it had a warm, cozy cabin feel. Second, the quality of the cabinets isn't great. However, after we closed on the house we realized that the cabinet doors had recently been replaced and budget-wise, it just made sense to keep them. We spruced them up by adding 6" crown moulding and oil-rubbed bronze hardware. 

breakfast bar remodelBEFORE Photos3

As you can see above, we also removed a section of cabinets/counter on the right side to open up the kitchen even more and allow for more space to walk through.

BEFORE Photos4


We were thrilled to have Lowe's involved with our remodel and we had the opportunity to pick out some fantastic items there. I love how the single basin stainless steel sink and oil -rubbed bronze faucet we picked out. The sink is so modern and sleek, plus we plan on hosting Thanksgiving each year at the house, so it makes it easy to wash those large pots, pan and serving dishes. Notice the white subway tile backsplash? Love it. So glad we went with this classic choice.




We also had this wall of cabinets and desk removed and replaced with a built-in bench for the kitchen table. The kitchen flows so much better now and is much more functional for our needs.

BEFORE Photos1


I hope you like our choices! We had so much fun making these changes and I couldn't be happier with how the kitchen turned out! Here are a few behind the scenes instagram photos!

September 2013 Phone Photos

:: Kitchen Remodel Sources ::

After photos by Rennai Hoefer, Ten22 Studio


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  1. Tina


    I just LOVE all your choices Kim!!!! This kitchen and our new kitchen are so similar....we also love our white subway tile backsplash and the huge, deep stainless sink. All your design decisions were spot on and I love how it all flows. I see a houseful of people in the beautiful home enjoying so many holidays and special events....what wonderful memories will be made there! :)

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  2. Andrea Worley


    Beautiful home Kim! Loves the choices you made, I love the industrial feel of it, but it's so cozy perfect cabin feel!

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  3. Cathy Bibb


    Great job on the remodel. Random question: is the tic tac toe set from Zgallerie? I have been eyeing it for our large coffee table, but was unsure on the size of it. It looks great on your table.

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  4. capturing joy with kristen duke


    Oh wow, it's a stunning transformation!

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  5. Stephanie


    What did you do to restore the look of the ceiling wood beam? I have a white beam that I would love to have that brown rich color.

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  6. Alana w


    Oh my goodness! This is beautiful! We have been up to flagstaff a couple times and are heading up there next week to the Grand visiting:) love all your hard work you put into this transformation!

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  8. Victoria


    I love the remodeling of your house in Flagstaff! We always wanted to do something like that but I've never done a remodeling project so I shy away from anything like that. Did you and your husband did everything or did you contract out the remodeling? How long did it take for you to finish your house?

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  9. Bridget


    Everything looks great! What is the color of your granite?

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    • Bridget


      Ok, never mind....I see all of your choices!

  10. Jeanne Woolverton


    I also own a home in Flagstaff that we are getting ready to renovate. I love the floors and the subway tile backsplash.

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  11. michelle


    Hey where is the rectangular light from? Love it!

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  12. alicia


    I have been following you for many years. I have loved every moment of your documented journey. I loved your blog many, many years ago when you showed the decorating and renovating of your home. when you bought your new home in 2010 you began to document the renovation but I don't think you ever blogged about the finished product. I would love to see how every thing turned out. It is an inspiration to all of us. who knows, you may be in a new home now.

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  13. Tiffany


    What color is the kitchen cabinets? I've picked out white ice granite too and wanted to see what color white cabinets you did

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  14. Maria


    I love your kitchen,I am is the process of getting my kitchen done but never liked any ideas but I saw your design,it's everything that I want.thank you for the ideas not just the kitchen and the whole house too ,beautiful.

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    • Kim


      Thank you so much, Maria!

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