Cupcake Wrapper Easter Baskets :: DIY Tutorial

Cupcake Wrapper Baskest by Damask Love for TomKat

I've got a case of spring fever...the crafter's edition. Bright colors, paper flowers and handmade baskets are on the agenda and i'm excited to share one of these with you today. I can pretty much guarantee that you'll be making a bunch of these. The  TomKat Shop has a ton of cupcake wrappers in so many beautiful colors so you can get really creative with your version of these cute baskets. I'll walk you through the strategy and you can take it from there. Let's go!



{1} Assemble the cupcake wrapper, then apply hot glue around the bottom edge

{2} Immediately, place the glue side down onto a piece of coordinating cardstock

{3} Cut the bottom, staying close to the edge.

{4} Cut all the way around, creating a bottom to your cupcake wrapper basket

{5} Adhere a strip of cardstock to the  inside of the wrapper as shown

{6} Repeat this on both sides of the basket to complete

Cupcake Wrapper Baskest by Damask Love for TomKat

When you are done assembling your basket, fill it with grass and a few treats. I love the way the shimmer gumballs look! To the outside of each basket, I added a handmade gerber daisy and you won't believe how crazy simple they are to make! Come visit this post on Damask Love for the quick tutorial on how to make a batch of your own daisies!

Cupcake Wrapper Baskest by Damask Love for TomKat

Happy Spring and I'll see you soon for another crafty take on some TomKat goodies!

~ Amber

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