2015 Printable Calendar...

printable full page calendar 2015

Finally! I grabbed my laptop and snuck away from our family vacation to finish designing my monthly calendar for 2015! (I promised my kids I would stay away from my computer as much as possible) I loved our colorful calendar design last year, so I decided to just change it up slightly for 2015. This printable PDF calendar file includes full page calendars for each month of 2015. Download them all at once or month by month, and print as many times as needed. I use them myself, and I also print them for my kids. They love writing down their activities and events, too!

Get your 2015 Printable Calendar here in our shop!

printable 2015 calendar full page

2015 printable calendar

2015 printable calendar


  1. Stephanie 12/30/2014

    Thanks so much can't wait to get home and print it!

  2. Jenn 12/31/2014

    It says the website is not available when I try to download it.

  3. Rebecca 12/31/2014

    Yay!!!! I love your calendars!!!! Tell your kids "Thanks!"

  4. Amber 12/31/2014

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful calenders with us.

  5. kim little 12/31/2014

    yes!!!! thank you so much. please don't stop making this. ever!! happy new year to you!!!

  6. Yvette 12/31/2014

    I've been stalking your page waiting for this printable!! LOL!! It is my favorite and now completes my ritual of preparing for the new year by printing and hanging these up!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Brigett 01/03/2015

    LOVE this calendar! thanks so much for creating another one for 2015!

  8. Crystal Dillon 01/03/2015

    Thank you SOOOO much! I LOVE this calendar, I have used it for years and I have been watching for the 2015 version for months!! I really appreciate that you take the time to make this every year! :)

  9. sarah 01/03/2015

    I love this! How large can you print this without impacting the quality? I'd love to print a larger one at Staples.

    • Kim 01/05/2015

      Hi Sarah!

      It was formatted at 8.5" x 11" but that is a great idea to make a larger version! Let me know if you printed larger (and how large) and how it turned out!


  10. Aimee 01/04/2015

    Is this calendar no longer free? I was confused to see the $5 charge when I went to download. Kind of bummed because it was free in the past years.

    • Kim 01/05/2015

      Yes, Aimee it is $5. I made the decision to charge a small fee for my work.

  11. Lea 01/04/2015

    Have ALWAYS loved your products, including your annual calendar. Was very disappointed to discover that something you've previously offered for free to your fans now comes with a $5 charge.

  12. Alison 01/04/2015

    With all due respect, I am floored that some of you are balking at a $5 charge for this calendar. You are all saying how much you enjoy the calendar and how useful it is but somehow you feel entitled to receive it at no charge. We should consider ourselves lucky that she has shared it with us for free in the past. Many of us pay more for a cup of coffee. Why does no one value the time involved? Do you work for free? Thanks, Kim! I always look forward to downloading your amazing calendar!!

    • Kim 01/05/2015

      Thank you so much, Alison! I appreciate your understanding and support!
      xoxo Kim

  13. Amanda 01/05/2015

    Thank you so much! Love it! It makes my desk so much cuter, and my life so much more organized! :D

  14. Adeline 01/06/2015

    Every year this calendar helps me keep my sanity at work, thanks so much for doing another one for 2015!

  15. Jessica 01/06/2015

    I'm so glad you brought this free printable back this year! The one I printed last year came in handy for meals, bills and so much more! =)

  16. Leonor 01/07/2015

    Kim, I look forward so much to your calendar. It helps me stay organized and make not of my intentions and important goals for the year. I pay the $5 with pleasures because at the end of the day, what you give to us is worth so much more. Thank you!!

  17. Dee Ann 01/07/2015

    Love Love Love this calendar! I always print one for my home and one for school.

  18. Jennifer 01/07/2015

    Thanks so much!!! I use this on my fridge its my go to. Thanks for the time you put into it for all of us

  19. Kasey 01/11/2015

    Thank you so much!! Love this calendar and have used it for 3 years now! I would happily spend $5 for this cute and great calendar than on one at the stores that are ugly! HA! Thanks for all that you do!

  20. Jen Kitzmiller 01/21/2015

    Downloaded! Love the pop of color at the top! Going to look perfect in my new Thirty One wall organizer. I'll credit you on my blog and tag you on all social media when I get all the pics of my new work space done. Thanks for always being an inspiration to me!

    • Kim 01/21/2015

      Thanks, Jen!!

  21. Jamie 01/25/2015

    I used the calendar last year in the black and white and loved it in my cute gold frames :-) I am excited about this years and paid the $5 gladly. Is there anyway you could send me it in black and white? I know I can print it in black and white but then some areas come out grey instead of black. Thanks so much!

    • Kim 01/28/2015

      Hi Jamie!
      I just emailed you the black + white version!
      Enjoy! ~ Kim

  22. Lisa 03/25/2015

    I love your site and products and this calendar. It would be awesome if it was more easily editable for printing :)

  23. Kris 10/06/2015

    HI! I LOVE your calendar every year!!!! I purchased the 2015 last year and was wondering when the 2016 will come out? I'm already scheduling things for early 2016!!! And I would love to have it in my possession!!
    Planning early,

  24. JennyC 12/02/2015

    Hi, will you have a 2016 calendar out soon? I only use your calendar every year since it's my favorite! Thanks!

  25. stephtardy 12/02/2015

    Hi! My family loves your calendar. I was wondering if you will be doing a 2016 version? Thanks!


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