Free 2014 Printable Calendar…


As promised, here is the color version of our 2014 monthly calendar! I hope you like this year’s design. If you don’t have a color printer, you can find our black and white version here.

2014 printable calendar

Download our 2014 Printable Calendar here!

xoxo, kim


  1. 60

    Dana says

    could you make 2015 available :) I am a children’s entertainer and I’m getting booked already for next year and your calendar template is EXACTLY what I need :)

  2. 61

    Tawnya says

    I love your calendars! This is my scone year using them. I don’t want to sound annoying, but I can’t wait for 2015 to be available! I homeschool and use this as my year at a glance clipboard calendar! Thanks so much for all your awesome stuff!

  3. 62

    Annette says

    What wonderful printables you have!!! I’m using the printable 2014 calendar to plot out the school year. Would it be possible to have a 2015 calendar as well, or even just January to June 2015?

    I’m sharing your blog with friends! Such a fun one!!!

    Thank you for sharing your talents :)

  4. 63

    lara joffe says

    Thank you for the beautiful calendar. I am a teacher and I work in school years. I was wondering when you might have the 2015 calendar available? And if you do a weekly calendar (something for lesson plans)? Thank you again for so generously sharing your beautiful work.

  5. 64

    Courtney Dodson says

    Will you be posting a 2015 calendar soon? I **love** your calendar and it’s back to school time with plenty of things that need to be put on the calendar into next year!

    Thank you!!

  6. 65

    kAm says

    I LOVE your calendars!! ive been using your 2014 one this whole year! i was wondering if you could make calendars ahead of time. i have a missionary coming home in 2016 and would love your calendars in 2015 and 2016! if not thats totally fine(:

  7. 66

    Lindsay says

    Are you going to create a 2015 calendar? I am a teacher and will be starting back to school in a week. I LOVE your template, but would like to print out January – May for 2015, if possible. Thanks!

  8. 67

    Penni says

    My daughter just started Kindergarten and already I’m flooded with things to remember, this free printable will help loads. Thanks!

  9. 68

    kim little says

    i didn’t realize how much i loved this calendar until i realized the january 2014 wasn’t out yet. thank you so much. i have come to depend on this more than i thought. cutest one out there!!!

  10. 70

    tONIA says


  11. 71

    angelesb says

    This is an awesome calendar, love it!!! I was looking for something similar but didn´t find it. It’s easy to follow, beautiful,cute. thanks so much

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